Why Pop Ups Piss Me Off – And Other Shady Online Marketing

It’s Me Sean Again, Arrrgh!

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Today, I woke up in one of those moods. That make you want to rip the heads off all the idiots in the world. If you’re an idiot, I do apologize if you find being an idiot offense. Anyways! Today’s topic is why pop ups piss me off. I will also show some other shady marketing tactics that tweak my undies. I’m sure you will agree. Once you see what I have shared with you today.

Pop ups Just Piss me Off.

Oh, I hate Pop ups! If you use them, god bless you. I will be the first person to exit stage left if I visit your site. When I visit someone’s blog post. I am there for the content. Not the constant marketing ploy to get me to sign up for their crappy email list. That will obviously do nothing but spam me their offer, Over and Over Again. So damn annoying!

 I made a Video To illustrate My Point. WARNING!!! I do swear a bit in this Video.

The Shove Down MY Throat Email Spam 24/7.email spam

Why is it that when we do opt in to some big email list? All we get is crap mail. Never anything of value, really! Just a bunch of sales pitches.

Almost like the old days with regular mail. When you got nothing but post card ads, and shopping deal flyers. Occasionally we still get this crap in our regular mail. What do we do with that mail? That’s right! We toss it out, without even looking at it. The same goes for nonstop emails with titles like, “Make $500 a Day with My Crazy trick”. Believe me Bud, If that was even close to possible for new marketers they would all be doing it.

And how the heck do we get emails from a list me never subscribed to? Easy, They either buy a list or scrape emails from some crap hole software. Then outright spam the hell out of us. It drives me crazy, cause these are the ones ruining it for honest Marketers online, like me and I hope you. These email spammers truly make our job that much harder. Bunch of Jackasses!


‘live’ webinars that are clearly pre-recordedScammers

This one here is super annoying. We have all seen these types of sales pitch. Where you login to what you thought was going to be a live webinar. NOPE! It’s pre-recorded!

In most instances these were recorded with no audience what so ever. There was a couple guys a few years ago that put out an awful product called Freebie Money Printer. There initial pitch was supposedly a Real Live webinar. It wasn’t, It was prerecorded. They did the whole song and dance that they were truly live by saying these like, “Racheal do you hear me? How about you, carl? Welcome to the Webinar today Jim.”They really played it up. Eventually people caught on to their horse crap. Their business folded up like a cheap napkin.

These types of crappy sales pitches are still out there today, Be Careful.


 Plagiarism Plagiarism

Why do people feel the need to steal other people’s work? Really! I see this so much it makes me sick. People please write your own content. I promise you no matter how bad your writing is; when you start writing daily it will get better. We have all heard that practice makes you better. This is also true when it comes to blogging.

If you plagiarize all of your content or even just a little bit of it. Google will notice this and your site will be flagged forever. As site google with never trust. Meaning you will never make it the first page of Google. Just write your original pieces of work. DON”T STEAL! I Know your mama taught you better….


 Be Transparent.

Don’t try and just sell, sell, sell! Be a human being, interact with others online. Engage your audience with truth and integrity. I promise you people want real. Not some fake persona you put on. Just to try and throw garbage products down their throat. Be Honest!

I have been cahsing down bad marketing for years now, If you want read more about Bad marketing Techniques you should read, ” A Real Internet Marketing D-Bag”.



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See There Are No Pop ups, Just a Free gift if you want it!


Please leave any questions or comments below. I always approve comments. Even the ones I don’t like.

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26 thoughts on “Why Pop Ups Piss Me Off – And Other Shady Online Marketing

  1. Ha I love this. I seriously hate popups! Just like you, I’m out in a heartbeat. No way I’m signing up for their junk email list. Spot on with the webinars, way too true.

    Good post!

    1. Thank you! Yes Pop ups just plainly suck. In the video I show how interact with them. And yes we should all hate the pre-recorded webinars.

  2. Hey Sean,


    Thanks for the article. Sounds like we have very similar pet peeves when it comes to reading stuff online.

    One thing that I think is interesting is that, statistically, pop ups work. Those things that block out your screen and ask people to sign up for email lists? They actually have a better success rate than not doing that.

    Which blows my mind. I hate those things, everyone I talk to hates those things – how does this happen? Do people just sign up because they feel like they have to in order to read the content?

    Anyway, I had thought about replacing my unobtrusive email list form with one of those pop ups, even though I hate them, because of the success rate, but I think your article has inspired me to stay the course. Thanks.

    1. lol, Yes, unfortunately pop ups do work. I will never use them. I find them to be rude and they take away from my interaction. I’m trying to have reading that post. But, If start a no Popup Revolution, Who Knows?
      Thank you for the comment

  3. Wow! You aren’t kidding around that’s for sure! I gotta say, I can appreciate a guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is! Your style is actually pretty cool and relatable (if one can appreciate the truth the way you deliver it). Now I know what site to visit to ask for genuine and real answers about a topic related to your niche. Do you cover any topic? For example something random like “Net Neutrality”.

    1. I can only be me! If there is another way to be, I don’t know it. I will cover topics. Mainly, on the what I think is good marketing and bad marketing online. It is just flooded with such crap. It’s rare to find honesty out there. The only place I ever joined that has been honest from day one. Is Wealthy Affiliate. The rest I tried were all just horse manure. But if you have a topic you would like to cover. I would gladly look into it.

  4. Thanks for sharing your honest reviews Sean! I agree with what you said the pop-ups, especially the ones that try to stop me from coming off a website page as a “last ditch” effort to sign me up to something I’m not interested in. I recently watched a “live” pre-recorded webinar. It seems that the tactics have switched up though. The intro and finale were live but the sales pitch was pre-recorded. Ugghhh! What are your thoughts on special offers that expire at “midnight” only to magically be extended for two more days?

    1. oh, you trying to get me going, lol. The special offer trick is a just a, oh, a real pile. Look, if I go on the internet to shop. Which I do regularly. when I see this type of promotion I immediately think SCAM! even if it’s not. Why? If the product is so damn good. Why in the hell are they trying to rush me into buying it. If it was decent product it could stand on it’s own. With out any damn marketing ploy, That is an outright lie. I know of products that stated only one week til sale closes. You can still get them, today.

  5. Hi Sean.. love your honest review!

    I hate pop ups and don’t even get me started on spam emails, I must get at 200-300 per day and I know I have not subscribed to most of those lists. At least I am not getting any emails from Joel Therien anyomore!

    It amazes me why some site owners still don’t understand the real way to win over people, gain more subscribers and get more customers is to provide good quality content that helps people solve their problems, the rest just takes care of itself.

    I just love visiting your site.. keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Moni! I love having you visit my site. Well, one thing you will always get from me is the truth. Even is it’s a bit raw sometimes. Yes, I agree with you. Why can’t big site owners stop showing all the new people in the community the wrong way to do things..

  6. I agree pop-ups can be annoying even more so when they repeatedly done. It definitely takes away from the content. Overall I think they should be shown once and then be done with it

  7. howdy sean,
    i remember when pop ups first hit the scene back in 90s and what a piss off they were back then.
    30 odd years later and about the only thing that has changed is that they have all become a lot less original and a lot more generic, boring, unimaginative pieces of horse crap.
    that is probably more of a reflection of the people than the technology. I know a lot of people that are perfect reflections of these popups.

    1. Wow , right on! Yes I think you are sub human as well if you use pop ups. at least that is what i got out your incredible statement. Here Ladies and gentlemen, Is the perfect way to leave a comment. Bravo! Thanks for reading> Please comeback for more fun.

  8. Sean,
    Pop ups that show when you first get on a site are the worst. Exit pop ups are better, but still a bother. I just wish that Google would get rid of them or not show a website like they do on mobile.
    I have seen a few of these “live videos” before and they look really bad, they look like the home shopping network.

    1. Thanks John for the comment. Yes those pre recorded videos do like an old shopping network show. Ig google would get rid of pop ups it would change the user experience. But Google is about the money, let’s be honest. Google don’t give a turd about the little guy. We have to get our reach strictly on word of mouth.

  9. I don’t like popups myself but I do use them on a couple of my sites. Why? Because they work at getting signups. People have come to expect to get practically everything for free online. As bloggers, we spent a ton of time creating our posts. If you’re venting on some issue, then fine; it’s just an opinion piece. But wouldn’t you like some feedback from your readers? What if you’re writing reviews or posting useful info, techniques, strategies, etc. I certainly find it disheartening when there’s no reward for all that hard work. Visitors don’t even take the time to leave a comment and engage. So a little rap on the noggin wit a popup to get them to do something – I don’t have a problem with that.

    1. that’s fine you want a pop up to fill your pockets. i just refuse to lose my ethics over trying to entice others to join my list. By the way, my list is fine because I don’t try to spam the hell out of people with pop ups. my content stands on it’s own. How does yours stand? that’s probably why your desperate and use pops.good luck with that. We will see where you’re at a year from now.

  10. I think a lot of people share your views on pop-ups even those who have them on their site. Many see this as the only way to get their email list going. One thing I really hate is getting emails from people who indicate that I am on their list. I do not have any issue with my memory and I know I have not signed up to their list. Knowing that and with all the other shit that goes on it almost makes you afraid to unsubscribe for fear of what might happen. I usually just mark them as spam and eventually the emails do stop.

  11. Thank you for expressing how so many of us feel, not only just about the pop ups, but the email spam and webinars.
    It seems the ones who do all this don’t care about the readers. They only care about making the money. If you can’t take the time to connect with your Rader, then don’t expect them to stick around to help you line your pocket with their money.
    I’ll tell you something else that pisses me off. Getting called on my cell phone from affiliate marketers, or whatever they may be wanting me to sign up. My cell number is only for my family and friends, how did they get it.?
    Awesome post and thanks for !etting me vent as well.

    1. Here Here, Lee Ann, You Go Girl. Well, as you can see from some of other comments on the post. Not all marketers feel the same way. But, we as honest creative individuals can start a revolution of giving out good content. Whether it be video, blog post, or just making up memes. To Reach our fans. I don’t want to force myself on others. If some one was to pop in front of a house I was visiting. Just to be like, “Hey Can I have Your Name and email, Thanks.” I probably whack them a good one. That’s how I see pop ups. Thanks for your comments #lettherevolutionbegin #StopPopUps

  12. Hi Sean,
    I’m not sure why you’re so emotional against pop ups. I believe as long as you’re not overusing it, it’s a good way to increase opt-in and conversion. Some of the pop ups today are not intrusive at all. Not all pop ups cover up the whole screen. For me personally, I’m using one pop up which is converting quite well.

    As for the webinar, there’s a thing called “automated webinar”. Usually, if the author is delivering an automated webinar which has been recorded, he or she won’t use the word “LIVE” on the landing page. They are not cheating unless they said it’s LIVE but in reality it’s pre-recorded.

    As online marketer, automated webinar is a great way to increase sales as well. You may have your own reasons to hate this kind of stuff because you’re the audience. But if you want to become a truly successful internet marketer, you may want to change your mindset toward these stuffs.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! And, I know this is honestly how you feel. I appreciate your integrity and bravery for commenting your truth. We can differ and still be friends Jerry! But, I will continue to lead a revolution against poor marketing (the way I see it. I can have my opinion, can’t I Jerry). I believe no matter your reason to be online and your overall goal is to get readers, like, subscribers, Money(Which You’re Mostly After. As I take from your comment), fame, or whatever the reason. It should be the content your putting out that drives organic traffic and subscribers. But, you do you. I’ll do me! Nice Chat Jerry.

  13. Hi Sean, you made my day because I laughed so hard when I watched your video! And I’m just like you when it comes to pop-ups. I really really hate them! When you are in the middle of an article, there it is, a bloody popup!
    And those “live” webinars are another pain in the …! these spammers are truly underestimating our intelligence and I’m so disgusted by them!
    Thanks for this post my friend, I really enjoyed reading it.

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