What are the Different Ways to Make Money Online

In The Beginning…

First let me start of by telling you a little about myself. I am the father of four and have been married for 22 years. Since back in 2002, I have been searching for the golden goose so to speak, of the best ways to make money online. When, I first got started out I was probably like most of you reading this now. I was trying to find the easiest most efficient way to make money online. Here is an insider secret, THERE IS NO EASY WAY. Just the right ways.

In this post I will be discussing some really bad ways to try to make money online. As well as, some really good ones. As well as, provide you Newbies out there with a good place to start your free Make money online education, that truly is an education and not just some scam.


As, I mentioned before there is no easy way to make money online. If someone told you there was, they are a LIAR! But, to the question I presented at the top of this post,”Can I make Money Online?” The question is yes, but just like anything it’s what you put into it. I’m going to start of with ways you can make money but they just plainly suck.


Surveys, and why they Suck!

We have all heard or tried surveys online to try to make money online. I personally hate surveys. They are tiresome and long (that’s if you can even qualify for a survey). This form of making money online is just a complete waste of time. You will literally spend hours trying to get into a survey to make .35 cents for 20 minutes of your time on the survey. NO THANK YOU! This is possibly the worst way to make a profit online. You could make more money and faster by walking the streets and picking up loose change and cans for deposit money.

Probably the most popular of theses awful survey sites is Survey Junkie. I’m not going to talk about a bunch of these sites, just this crap hole of a site ( sorry, I really hate Survey Sites).

Survey Junky

Of all The horrible Survey Sites out there Survey Junkie is by far the top of that crap pile. Meaning they are the best of the Survey Sites. Their pay out is at $10, but it would literally take you a week or more to earn that $10. It’s not easy to get into the surveys (If you stay honest on your questionnaire). I really think surveys are a waste of money. So to the question, Can I Make Money Online, with Surveys. The answer is yes, but only fractions of a penny per hour of work. Not a good return at all.

Why Is Your Get Rich Program SO Expensive?

OH MY GOD! These programs drive me absolutely mad. I hate everything about these programs.

I’m not going to go through a full list of these type of make money online options. I’m just going to provide an example of what I mean by, Why is your get rich program so expensive. The Internet is littered with these type of sites. I’m not saying these programs never don’t help people. It’s just that price tag never reflects the value.

This is Affiliate Marketing Mastery

WHY, Oh Why so expensive?

These types of price tag on programs that claim I can make online, Are a Huge Red Flag. Like I said Before it’s not that all these programs don’t hold some value, but definitely not at that price. Be very careful of who you give your money to online.


Another “Can I Make Money Online” Adventure, most of us fall into are all the claims of making money online for free. This is just plain HOG WASH. We have all heard the saying is, “IT Takes Money, To Make Money.” The same is true with building a business online that will make you money. There so many claims on the Internet that people can make money online with no money. It is simply just impossible to make real money with any of those programs. I will provide with an example of what types of programs I mean, but as I mentioned before there are tons of these horrible programs out there.

This is site called “Best Ease Work”. This is just like all those other losers on the internet claiming you can make money with no investment. I don’t get why people will not invest in themselves. I’m not saying buy a huge program that cost $1900. But, one should buy a domain name, and hosting packages for starters, just saying. I could literally continue on with all the crap on the internet that claims to make money with no investment of money.

I have found only way to make real money online. And that is what I will be covering next.

Enough with the Bad, Let’s Talk About The Golden Goose of Making Money Online.


First, let me say thank you for reading this far into my post. Second, You must really want to know what’s coming next.

Yep, You Guessed it! Or Maybe you DID Not…

The best way to make a significant amount money online is building your own content rich website/blog in a small profitable niche. I know you have heard this before, or at least you should have. Out of everything I have done on line this way is the best.

Here is how I do it…

I use a keyword search to find low hanging fruit keywords. For example the keyword for this blog is “Can I make Money Online.” The reason I chose this domain name (canimakemoneyonline.net) is because it gets 9300 searches a month on google and there are only 100 or fewer sites to compete against to get to page 1, Rank #1. This is why it is low hanging fruit(Coined by some dude on WA). I want a keyword that will not have a lot of competition but significant traffic. If I simply chose “Make money online” as my keyword I would be competing with over 20,000 sites to get ranked in google.

Build the SITE…

Now it’s simple, but long tedious work. I start adding keyword content rich work to my site as a blog post or to pages.(I use word press sites). Make sure your content is original by you. You don’t have to be a writer, just simply type as you would talk to someone. If you try the copy and paste game, I guarantee your site will probably never even get indexed into google or any search engine. Once you get your site set-up the way you want it. All you have to do is sit down every day and add good content to your site with good keywords and I guarantee all the free traffic from google, you could ever want.


Your site is up and running and you’re starting to build it out. You need to Monetize your pages and blogs. I don’t own any products. So, I use Affiliate Products to sell on my sites. Some sites I set up niche online stores with a simple small niche. Here is one I am working on now, that is in its youth stages so to speak, youthbaseballbats.net. This page is site is not done by any means but you can get a visual of what I am talking about when comes to niche type online store sites.

Another type of site is like this one, is a Blog. Blogs are a great way to communicate your message to large audience. But just like a niche online store. You need to blog about something that has rich keywords. And yes monetize your site with affiliate links.

Here are 3 examples of affiliate programs you can join today.

This is a process that takes a great amount of time.


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Thank you for reading my post on” Can I Make Money Online”

Please any comments or questions below..

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2 thoughts on “What are the Different Ways to Make Money Online

  1. I have read many reviews saying that surveys are a good way of online income. As you mentioned, 30 cents for an hour-long survey is not worth it. I would rather write on my own blog or website, at least this way I am not forced to go through a process, but I actually enjoy it.
    I have bumped into many programs demanding approximately 1000 dollars from you for their “secret and exclusive mastery program”. I was even sold to buy into one of those programs. What I generally do is checking online reviews before even thinking of giving away money.

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