Top 3 Affiliate Programs for Newbies in 2018

In this post, I am going to share with you the Top 3 afiliate programs for newbies. Well, my top three anyways.

There are a ton of affiliate programs out there to choose from. I personnaly like these three for newbies because they ar simple to use, they have an easy sign up process. They all offer some training on how to use their affiliate program. In this post I will be using video to show you inside the back office of all three affiliate programs.

Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

You bet your butt it does! I have been making money through these three programs for several years. Now, Yes when I first started I was clueless on how to get my affiliate offers out to the masses. But once I figured it out, All I can say really is OMG! I started acually making money online through all three of these affiliate programs.

THE GIANT of Affiliate marketing. Amazon is the place to find those odd but profitable small niches.

One of my Partners that works with me did a tiny website years ago. On nothing but Yu-gi-oh cards. He posted about these cards in great detail everyday. At the bottom of every post he left a link back to Amazon about whatever card or pack of cards he was posting about. He didn’t try to be sale-sy, or gimmicky, he just told his audience straight up in his own words what he thought about the yu-gi-oh cards. In less than three months of his site being up and running. He was ranked #1 in google, do to all the original content. And, He was making over $3000 a month off his Amazon affiliate links posted at the bottom of each his post. And it was nothing but Yu-Gi-Oh Stuff he was offering on his site.

So yes, if done right, Amazon will make you a good income.

Let’s Take a Look at the back office for an Amazon Affiliate. has been around since 1998, and has over 6 million affiliates worldwide. Another one of those companies that must be doing it right to be around this long on the internet. Yet, still be one of the most successful affiliate programs in 2018. is extremely easy to join. They probably got one the largest marketplaces for digital products. You can find everything there from lose weight stiff, gambling, books, online courses, software, the list just goes on, and on , and on.  you can find a several products to affiliate at for just about any niche out there.

Let’s take a quick look at

Jvzoo’s affiliate program is on my top 3, because their vendors put together some the nicest sales pages. For example, their biggest selling product in history jzvoo has a sweet sales page, and the software does exactly what they say it does. Here Checkout their Sales Page by clicking on name of the product: VideomakerFX. (come back though and  finish this post.)

You can see that videomakerfx’s sales page is robust and just plain beautiful. Plus it has only a 1.86% refund rate. That is pretty amazing. This is why I like Jvzoo’s affiliate program so much. The majority of vendors on jvzoo take great pride in their work and their products. I have had nothing but a great experience as an affiliate for them.

Here is a look at possible profits and back office of Jvzoo

Now you are an Affiliate, How to Do make that MONEY!

There is a few good ways to be an affiliate marketer, and ton of bad ways. You don’t want to be the person that just drops random affiliate links all over the internet. You have seen these types of marketers before. A good example of where you find these affiliate trolls, is youtube. you see this in the comment sections of youtube videos where some lazy douche drops his affiliate link to some off the wall offer, usually.  Matter of fact, I will be doing a post soon on this very topic. I will title it “The Douche Bag Award of Internet Marketing”. Anyways, don’t be that guy.

The best way to make commissions from affiliate programs is do what I am doing right now. Start a blog or website about something your passionate about. Or better yet do a good keyword search to find a hot niche to target. Put out original content daily, and build out your site.

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