Special Effects Video Editing The Easy Way

Special effects video editing

Why would you want to add special effects to your videos? Simply put, sometimes an effect or sound clip can help express your point in a clear and entertaining fashion. In today’s market of video creators, it is important to not only brand yourself as an authority in your niche but be an entertainer as well. Since we’re not all Marlon Brando, we need to add spice to our videos in a different way. One of those ways is by using simple special effects. In this post, I will show you special effects video editing the easy way

Special Effects Video Editing – Simple Tutorial

Special effects video editing


I have created a Youtube video to show everyone how easy it is to edit special effects into a video.

Inside the video, I show you special effects video editing the easy way while using two different video editors. The first one I show is the iMovie video editor that comes standard with all Apple PC’s. The second video editor that I cover is OBS. This video editing software is free to download and use for Windows Users and Apple Lovers.

Ok, let’s get to the video!

I Told You It Was Easy!

As you can see from the video tutorial, Special effects video editing is extremely easy for anyone to do. However, you may be saying, “Sean, Where the heck do I get these effects?” Well, I will offer you something that is quite unique, training from me. If you want to learn video editing from me you can sign up for my Video editing club. This is a new club that I have decided to form to help those who want to improve and have a little fun with their video production.  I will teach how to create and locate royalty free special effects among many other things. 

When you join my video editing club you will be privy to two video classes a month, by me, about editing video and related topics. Also, once a month I will send you 10 free Video and Sound effects you can use in your videos.

➡➡➡ CLICK HERE ⬅⬅⬅ To join my video editing club.



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12 thoughts on “Special Effects Video Editing The Easy Way

  1. Omg this is just what I was looking for.
    I have a mac and am trying to figure out the capabilities to help me with designing my post on my website.

    I am not technical savvy but with your videos you make it possible for even me to learn.
    I am signing up and can’t wait to learn even more.

    You are awesome and I am excited that my search for Special Effects training is officially over.

  2. Wow, that was easy!
    I’m not ready for creating video right now. When I need to do it, I know who to look for :).
    Thanks for the training! You make it simple.

  3. What a great video Sean. I haven’t used many videos yet, but it’s something I want to move towards with my online business. I’m definitely bookmarking your site for future use.
    Thanks again,

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