Sellin Messenger Review-Make Sales With Messenger

Sellin Messenger Review

Did you know that Messenger has almost over a billion a half active members every day? More than any other social media combined, meaning that you could reach a large target audience with minimal effort. However, to do this you need a platform like Sellin Messenger to correctly optimize your Facebook sales. Yes, you heard right you can promote and sell both physical and digital products on Facebook Messenger with this application. So stick around because we’re going to tell you about this amazing software in our Sellin Messenger Review.

What is Sellin Messenger?

Sellin Messenger is a terrific application that gives you an all in one access pass to strategically sell your products to FB-Messenger users. Making it extremely easy to reach a target group of people and create a following with the platform’s awesome built-in features. Sellin Messenger lets your clients scroll through your entire inventory and even allows them to make purchases directly through Facebook messenger. That’s not all, with Sellin Messenger you can build an unlimited target audience list and categorize your leads by each niche group for maximum efficiency.

How do you use this Amazing App?

Getting started with Sellin Messenger is a very simple process, after accessing your SM account you just synchronize it to your facebook profile. Then add your groups and FB pages, but what’s really cool is Sellin Messenger will actually show you other groups that have the same interests. So you could eventually have an endless stream of customers in constant contact with your product with minimal effort. After you have your groups picked out, then simply add your products, maybe add a nice personal note. Then your done, you can start waiting for the sales to come in. Maybe even promote another product at the same time. However, the true magic behind Sellin Messenger is that once you add a product post to your group they keep posting. The SM posting system works on autopilot so you can be selling even while you’re sleeping.


  • No previous technical experience needed
  • You can sell and offer products 24/7
  • Read and Reply to Messages without leaving the Messenger Dashboard
  • Add any product (Physical & Digital)
  • Offers in Messenger Payments
  • Sellin Messenger’s Online Support Team is highly responsive to comments and questions
  • Works with other Web sites as well I.e: Shopify, JvZoo, WordPress, Clickbank & many others


  • We found that software can take some time to get use to.

Why do we recommend Sellin Messenger?

The main reason we started using this app to promote our products was that our websites weren’t getting any traction. Without traffic to our products, they might as well be nonexistent. You can’t sell something if no one ever sees it, so we started looking at Facebook. Here’s a place where people go every day, but you know what? More people use Facebook’s messenger app than anything else and this software allowed us to sell our products in the app itself. No more traffic problems, in fact, the first weeks we had trouble keeping up with all of the customer transactions. Good thing Sellin Messenger’s awesome dashboard was there to help us keep up with all incoming sales. 

My Overall Rating of Sellin Messenger

Sellin Messenger

Sellin Messenger

Online Support:

10.0 /10

Easy to Use:

9.8 /10

App Creativity:

9.6 /10

It does what it says it does:

10.0 /10

Marketing Tool:

9.8 /10
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9 thoughts on “Sellin Messenger Review-Make Sales With Messenger

  1. Wow! I never knew this. I can actually sell with Messanger! I need to learn more about mobile apps for the business world. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very cool info on Sellin Messenger. Didn’t know this existed. Great idea. I am definitely having the typical getting traction for my websites problem, so this application would solve that problem. I also like the apparent simplicity of it which means less work, and hopefully more sales. Thank you for sharing this. Tom

  3. This is totally new to me!! I never knew about it. At first I thought you had a typo in your heading “Sellin” 🙂
    I’ll definitely look into this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have never heard of sellin messenger before and looks like a cool piece of kit to check out. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

  5. Hi, Sean!
    Thanks for sharing this information. I didn´t know you can make money with the messenger.
    All the best!

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