Online Internet Marketing Courses, What kinds are there?

Block them All

Why Online Internet Marketing Courses Mostly Suck

OK, Today I’m going to discuss why online internet marketing courses mostly suck. First off, let me start off by saying that no, not all online internet courses are bad. I got an education online to learn how to build websites, like this one. Not bad Aye! But, If someone says he is a guru, or not a guru, or even mentions the name guru in his pitch. It’s a guarantee that whatever their offer is, it’s 99.9% Bull Crap.

 How Deep Does That Crap Go?Bull Crap

It blows my mind! Of all the crap that will just float right in front of me, from my email and social media. Every day, I search the internet to find good and bad ways to make money online. Now, when it comes to finding good ways there are slim pickings. But, When it comes to the cesspool of god-awful landing pages, claims to make you rich with these 3 easy steps, or my personal favorite. They have a blueprint for my success.

My Success! LMAO! Really. These people who put these offers together are only interested in one person’s success. Yep, You Got IT, There own. They are only concerned about duping you and I. While they take our cash for their pure crap product.


What do you Know? SEAN!

Well, I know when I got started. On my adventure to learn how to make money online, over a decade ago. I was taking by, about every one of those flashy claims. That, They could make me rich beyond wildest my dreams. Man, I can’t even count how many times I got excited to start a new program. Of learning how to generate wealth. To only be disappointed by said offers delivery of any worthwhile value. So Now, It is my mission, my duty to search out what I call the old Infomercial type marketers, Gurus, and pinheads. To let you know, My peeps what’s, what.


Online Internet Marketing Gurus You Just Want To Punch!

Online Internet Marketing Courses

Here is a group of guys that just need to fade away. I know if you’re like me, mostly rational. You too, see these people as bottom feeders. They are predator like marketers. Targeting new people every day who are online trying to find a different way to earn. Rather than a crappy 40 an hour job.

And, These scumbags know people are desperate to escape the grind of working for the man. So they play on those emotions with outlandish claims of riches, boats, sports cars, and all the free time they want. WRONG! Bull Crap! It’s a production, and most of them are a very low budget.

Where I Got My Education

Like I said, I have tried everything out there for online internet marketing courses. When it comes to trying to learn how to make money online. There is only a couple of things that I have found that work every time. But, It takes work and patience.

The most profitable way that I have found online to make enough money to pay the bills is learning how to blog with affiliate marketing. I will search for small competition niches that draw a significant amount traffic. Then I will make a site that focus only on that niche.

I have learned everything I know from a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Every day, I am Thankful that I invested in myself. Instead of throwing my money way to ding-bat self-proclaimed gurus.

Why The Rest Suck, But Wealthy Affiliate

In This video, I show you a bunch of really crappy programs out there that you should avoid at all cost. In no way did I cover all of them, or even a fraction of them. I just showed a few to illustrate the point of their predator like marketing style.

Also, the last thing I show in the video. Is an inside look at the Wealthy Affiliate Training site. Again, I did not show everything on the site. I just touched on some the training available inside Wealthy Affiliate. If I was to show everything we would still be here watching this video tomorrow sometime.

Well Here Is the Video (If You Like my videos please like, share, and subscribe, I’m not too needy, I swear.)


Try Wealthy Affiliate For (Absolutely NO Risk! So, Why Not?) Free 10 Online Training Classes That Guarantees Value. It is the Best solution for Online Internet Marketing Courses.

And!  You get 2 free websites.

Plus, If you can’t come up with a niche of your own. Wealthy Affiliate provides a program for even free members a way to earn money online with their referral program. Every bit of this Free Now and Forever. 

And! You get 2 free websites.




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6 thoughts on “Online Internet Marketing Courses, What kinds are there?

  1. Wow, this is such an amazing and useful article about online marketing. i am bit new to this field so it will help me a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post, looking forward for more amazing posts from you.

  2. Hey Sean, I got lured into one of these so called scammy MLM schemes that promised to make me overnight riches for a joining fee of $1 per month.
    Cheap – nope! What they conveniently forgot to tell me was that it was impossible to earn money from their signing on fee. The proper monthly direct debit fee was not affordable for myself, I’d have to spend fortunes on social media advertising and the cost of their upsells which you had to purchase in order to climb the ladder were absolutely outrageous. I ran for the hills but it took months to stop my direct debits – be warned everyone!
    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand teaches how to run your own affiliate marketing business by promoting products in whatever you are passionate about.
    I find their training first class and very straightforward. It’s essential to interact & work together with their huge community in order to accomplish high website rankings plus their hosting support is superb.
    I have to say what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest is their help and support, no one is left alone, everything is included to make a successful business, only determination stands in your way.

  3. Thanks for this awesome post Sean! Thanks for sharing this awesome community called Wealthy Affiliate. I used to be part of some high ticket scam program and once I joined WA I never look back.

    I know from experience that what you’re recommending works. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for the comments. Yeah, I am trying to do my part by letting new people into the community of what to watch for. I know when i got started there was no one telling the truth.

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