My Instagram Ads Stories – Does Advertising on Instagram Work

Hello y’all! It’s Me Sean..

Today, I am bringing you some great valuable information. On how to get a high return on your facebook ads by just using instagram. I’m going to do this by providing proof from my own account. The Instagram ad data that is mentioned in this post, are from the dates March 10, 2018 to March 12, 2018.


My Instagram Ads Stories – And The Saga Begins

So, I may have mentioned in one of my earlier posts this week. That I just came back to my beloved online community. Yeah, I went fishing for like 2 years straight. It was pretty amazing.

When I was going strong back in 2012 – 2014. I used facebook ads very regularly. I remember when I first got started. How hard it was, and I lost money and time. Eventually through good research and tenacity. I found the secret to facebook ads back then and how to get them to convert. 

Well, Like I said, March 1, 2018, was my return to me posting my thoughts and the little knowledge I have, to my beloved online community. I got to work like a mad man. I had so much to share. Heck, just go look at my blog roll @

But Yet, still had a lot to relearn

Instagram ads stories

This time around I decided to sign up with wealthy affiliate .


Wealthy Affiliate is a online course for newbies and experienced bloggers, website owners, online marketers, affiliate marketers….  Their curriculum on how to build, manage, and get traffic to your site is unparalleled in the market today. I mean they have been around Since 2005. To have that kind of staying power on the internet,  you are doing something right.

But, The main reason was their website builder template and hosting services that drew my attention.

So I was off to the races, I bought 5 domains, 3 for me and 2 for my son. That Myself, and the Great Education at Wealthy Affiliate are teaching him. How to make money online, by building small profitable niche sites. Anyways, This first week I wrote three post a day, one for each site I was managing. I was setting up social media sites like for instance a facebook page for each new site. Well, after I had my sites with 7 plus post with pretty decent layouts. I had them connected to social media networks. Now what do I do?





Because, no matter how good my SEO is on my post it will realistically take me three months for a new site to make page one in google.


How do I get Traffic to my offer or a new site? NOW!

I looked into PPC (Pay Per Click) with bing, and google ads. HOLY COW! How confusing can you make an interface. Now bing was the easier of the two to understand. But google ads is just a waist of money unless you consult an expert that knows how to use their system to perfection. Otherwise you are just crapping your money down the toilet.


So, after a six pack and some reflection time down at the river. Fishing in my favorite catfish hole. It dawned on me that I use to do facebook ads with great success.(Of course after I taught myself how). I gathered up my things and mosied on home.


Immediately, I began my research into my new plan of attack. On how to get traffic from Facebook ads. I was lucky that my knowledge of facebook ads from my past experiences came in handy. I discovered some great ways to target an audience in facebook. 


Well, I paid less than $16 for 400 social engagements, 62 clicks to my offer, 12 conversions making me $132.17.  That’s sure one hell of a return. Here, I documented it all in this video(It’s over 15 minutes but full of great stuff). I will show you my proof and what tools I used to find the best audience for any offer out there. As Well as, I show you how to use the facebook ads site to setup your ad for instagram. 

 Here Is How I got a $16 ad on Instagram to make me $132.17  in less than 48 Hours

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, or any of the other sites used in the video. I listed them below and they are all hyperlinked to their sites, for your convenience.



If You would like, please go ahead and leave me a comment or question below.

Thank You,


Manly Marketing Maniac







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14 thoughts on “My Instagram Ads Stories – Does Advertising on Instagram Work

  1. I’m really impressed that you thought yourself how to use Facebook ads. It’s Greek for me right now. I’ve subscribed to your Youtube channel to learn more about marketing from you.

    1. Yes, all the advertising programs like facebook, google, and bing can be very confusing. Thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel.

  2. Thanks Sean for the insight and extra knowledge their. When I make more sense of how to monetise my blog I can use this information about facebook ads and instagram ads. I use instagram and I will put this knowledge to work.

  3. That is an awesome return on your investment. I had to subscribe to your channel. That video was packed with value. I have always wanted to use Facebook Ads but did not just want to throw my money to the wind.

    Now I know I can follow what you have taught here and any future videos you make to get more of a bang for my buck. Knowledge is power and your knowledge of FB Ads really helped you out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Yes Fb ads or any ad platform can be successful but the key to it all is to first understand how to use to your benefit. Thank you for reading and subscribing to my youtube channel.

  4. It is really inspiring that you learned everything from scratch by yourself and even more that you made a conversion and sales out of it. I am definitely trying to learn FB marketing now so will be nosing around your site!

  5. Very cool information!! Great job with your conversions from your ad! This is very useful and helpful, I have been struggling to raise my following on Instagram. I reach a lot of people, and even get a decent amount of clicks, but the conversion part hasn’t been so easy for me. Definitely will be paying attention to your videos!!

    Thanks for all of the tips. 🙂

  6. Hi Sean just read your post and watched your video and it’s all very informational, im still in the early stages of my site learning through wealthy affiliates but will definitely be using the information you’ve gave here.
    All the best and thanks : )

    1. Thanks Ryan. Yes, the wealthy affiliate training is a must, first. follow it to the T, and you will be see huge things. But yeah please come back and check out my post. I will be giving out great strategies on everything from email marketing, How to build a sales funnel, and some other thing sprinkled in. thanks for reading.

  7. Hey Sean,

    Great information here in this article. I have tried using Facebook Ads over and over but for some reason I keep snagging the worst audience. I think a lot of bots are present on Facebook and falsely engage with your posts. I thought your video was really great and informative. I definitely need to give these other methods some thought and try them out as well.

    Maybe choosing my audience better will lead to higher conversions.

    Thanks for the nice read!

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