How to rank a video on youtube

how to rank a video on youtubeHave you ever wondered how some people get ranked really fast on youtube? Getting ranked in the top 10 or even the 20 for your keywords in youtube can be a daunting task. However, I have found a pretty cool solution to the question, “How to rank a video on youtube?” It is easier than ever to get ranked fast if you choose your keywords wisely, write a description that is of rich content. Plus, GO LIVE! That’s Right, Live streaming on youtube is an incredible way to get ranked faster than ever on youtube.

How Do I Go Live! To Rank a Video on Youtube

There is a free software called Open Broadcast Software. This amazingly free software let’s live stream to facebook, youtube, twitch, and so many other places. It has many built-in functionalities like chroma key (Green Screen Videos). One could put scrolling text on the video, and the list goes on. Did I mention it was Free! Oh yeah, I did! Not to mention, it is also available to use on both Mac and Windows Pc’s. Not That, is a simple solution to the question, “How to rank a video on youtube?’

Ok, You Don’t want to go live on Youtube!

OBS also lets you record your videos, then save them to a file on your computer of your choosing. You can then edit them any way you want and upload them to youtube. But, What if I told you, you could record a video. Then edit it and still be able to make a live stream to youtube. That’s right a pre-recorded fully edited video that you can upload as a live stream. Well, guess what I have found that solution as well. It is called Live Blaster 2.0, this amazing windows based software lets do just that. So, Now you can upload any video on your computer as a LIVE STREAM! Pretty Cool Huh!

Here is a video of me showing OBS and LIVE Stream Blaster 2.0

How to rank a video on youtube FAST

As you can see from the proof I provided in the video. That live streaming to youtube is the way to go. Especially, If you want your youtube videos to rank fast. Furthermore, OBS is a pretty awesome, free resource for video marketing. I suggest you grab it is completely Free to Use. Furthermore, Live Steam Blaster 2.0 Is an equally incredible software, that is specifically designed to help with any video you have to get it ranked faster on youtube. All by uploading any video you have on your computer to go live on youtube.

So, if you like to make videos then it would behoove you to download OBS. I have left some videos off of youtube below, from experts on OBS to show the right way to set it up. There so many cool things you can do with video by using OBS. Don’t get left behind with your video marketing. Start creating those videos and Go LIVE. As mentioned above, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to live stream. You can use Live Blaster 2.0 to upload any of your videos to go live.

You should check out my blog about how to brand yourself on youtube, and properly set up your youtube channel.

How to Set Up OBS

Set Up OBS TO Live Stream on Youtube

How to Make your OBS Videos Look Awesome


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11 thoughts on “How to rank a video on youtube

  1. I have always wanted to start doing videos on youtube. I am a techy, and have been for a while. BUT, I will admit I am all thumbs when it comes to youtube videos. I have a gopro to record videos with. What software do I use to edit them?

    1. what type of operating system do you use, a Mac or Windows? With a Mac, I would just use iMovie. With Windows, for free resources, you could use OpenShot, VideoPad, or VSDC. But, you could also get a premium video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro

  2. I realy like the idea that you can record a video and then save it to a file on your computer, then edit it before uploading it to youtube.
    I will be definitely be checking, OSB, and Live Blaster 2.0, This is great for the camera shy like me.
    Thanks, and it is free.
    Great information on how to rank your videos on youtube.

  3. Hi there, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    Especially the second recommendation, the life blaster 2.0.

    I don’t want to go live with an unedited video as for now due to not really being experienced yet.

    The possibility to edit first and then still do a lifestream is amazing.

    Can I use the same video on Facebook and youtube or does that get e penalty for duplicate content?

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. I don’t normally post the same video on two different platforms. But, to my knowledge, it’s not the video itself that is considered duplicate content it is the text of the title and description that must be different. I would test the social media platforms to see which gets more attention.

  4. Hi Sean, Thanks for this very interesting and entertaining post. Have been thinking of doing a utube video but didn’t know how. Now just have to do as you have said. Super cool.

  5. I have several videos on Youtube, however, I guess it never really occurred to me that you could get ranked. I guess that is how people get money! Thank you so much for this very informative article.

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