How To Make Videos for Youtube to use on your blog

Hello Again, It’s Me Sean.

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Today, I’m going to discuss and show you, how to make videos for youtube that you can use on your blog.

So, Why Sean, do I need a video if I have a blog? Well, Duh!. People have the attention span of about a 1000 words, most times. But, if you have related video to that content, people are more likely to engage your post and share it.

Think about yourself, when you search for a topic and you have a choice of text or video. What do you do? Yep! You watch the video. Plus, video on your blog keeps people on your site longer. How you ask? Good question, When a person plays and watches your video. And, let’s say it is a 6-minute video. That is an extra 6 minutes they were sitting right there inside your site, And Google likes it when people stay on your site longer.

Why does Google love embedded video from youtube? Well, one thing is that Google owns youtube.

Is It really that simple? There are other factors to why embedded videos work with blogs SEO. But, this post is not about SEO. So, I will shut up and move on.

How To Make Videos for Youtube

Oh MY God!, This is the simplest of things to do. Most of us have cameras pointing right back at us from our computers or an iMac (I never associate the iMac with those yucky windows powered PC’s. Sorry if you are using one now.). Yes, I love the iMac for doing video. So, everything I show you in the video tutorials will be from an iMac. If you have a windows pc, I would suggest dumping it and getting an iMac.

Anyways, let’s move on, shall we? So, the basics of creating a video are to get yourself in front of a camera and start shooting. Just be yourself, not gimmicky.  Just let it Fly, and a good rule of thumb though is to try not to swear. I tend to have that damn problem, oops sorry.

Now you have your raw video. You need to edit it. In this video, (I warmly provided for your viewing pleasure) I will show you how to edit a green-screen video with a picture in picture.

Upload Your Youtube Video

Now that you have created an awesome video. That will possibly go viral. Wouldn’t that be Awesome! I say Let the Likes rain down me. I’m actually singing that to myself right now, “Let the Likes, Rain Down Me.” Catchy!

Anyways, Focus Sean, Focus.

Now that you have your video created you need to upload it to Youtube. There is actually more to a Youtube upload than just loading the video as is and walking away. I guarantee you that if you do nothing but upload your video to youtube you will get maybe, 85 views in a year.

How To Make Videos for Youtube

That’s what I call it, TOO!

You must have a good title, just like you would for your blog with keywords your targeting. Next, You must write an original description for your video, One that explains what the video is about, again with the keyword your targeting.  Now you add your keywords to Youtube’s Keyword box. Which is just below the description box when you’re in edit mode.

For those of you that are Youtube Impaired. Here is quick How to on uploading your video to Youtube.

Now Post That New Viral Video To Your Blog

Instead of me boring you with the details, by writing them down. I’m just going to show you with a video. You see what I’m doing here. I’m giving you a template of how to properly blog, still in the traditional sense, by adding flavor by using videos. I know, I find it more stimulating on some subjects to see a video than read about them. so I hope this helped with How To Make Videos for Youtube to use on your blog.

So, without further adieu. Here Is, “How to Embed Your Youtube Video Into Your Blog.”

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And, Have fun!!! While you’re creating a blog post and youtube videos. Don’t make it a drag! As you can see, if you watched my videos. I have fun!

If you want to learn more about Blogging, Just look Below. I’am always Here to help those that want to help themselves. PEACE!

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.

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Thank you for reading my post.


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8 thoughts on “How To Make Videos for Youtube to use on your blog

  1. This is so cool. I can’t wait to try some of this stuff for my site. I’ve bookmarked this post so I can come back to it. Hopefully this will help me get some traffic to my site. Thank you.

  2. HI Sean –
    First of all, I saved this post. I love it! You are right about people preferring videos over posts.
    Second, I don’t have a Macbook, my daughters have one each (which I bought for them), but I don’t. Sad.
    Nevertheless, I will borrow their Macbooks. And like you, they are good in making videos. so I will ask them to teach me too.
    Thanks for talking about YouTube and SEO, keywords. I never knew that.
    So many things I learned in this post. And i enjoyed reading it.
    Thank you MUCH!

  3. I have to say this was super helpful. I’m just getting started into doing that, and I think its going to be the future of affiliate marketing and a lot of things we do online. Are you a huge fan of video making online?

  4. HI, Sean thank you for this tutorial I am definitely adding it to my favorites. I just started in the marketing community and I have yet to create a video. I hear it’s pretty important and I am sure it is. This makes the process so much easier. Any advice that you would give to someone starting out?

    1. Yes, get the best equipment for the job, a mac product, if you already have that the rest I will gladly help you with, if ever need it. But the biggest thing I have learned is be yourself, Brand yourself. Let people know you, not just whatever offer your have for them. Give your audience value and they will love you for it.
      Thank you for the comment

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