Understanding How to Make Money Online for Beginners

There are so many ways to make money online. Understanding How to make money online is essential for success. In this post, I’m going to outline and go into some depth of what it takes to be successful online.

First Let me Introduce myself, HI!!! My name is Sean

I know! I look a little Weird! But, That’s what blogging, website management, social media management, Content research, and everything else that goes into making real money online does to a person. It makes them weird. First off, let me tell you that this online work is not for everyone. It takes hard work, diligence, patience, a touch of weird and my big secret.

MY BIG SECRET of How To Make Money Online

Ok, This is only a big secret if you are completely new to learning about how to make money online. Here is the main thing a person has to do to be successful. Constantly pump out an original content of 1000 words or more to your website/blog, Every day.

Work From Home


Make sure each post on your blog has a few nice pics that you use alt tags with. (If you don’t know what alt tags are, at the end of this post there is an offer for 10 free videos course. On how you can get started building your very own niche website, today.) Also, In about 2/3’s of my post, I embed a video from youtube(mostly from my own channel.) I do this for a few reasons, but mostly video gives some blog post a nicer look.




See Take a look, This is Jordan Peele debunks fan theories from Reddit

Now, I know Jordan Peele has really no relevance to my topic but doesn’t Video Just Make a Post Look Nice.

BUT I Can’t Write!!!

This is what I hear often from people. Who has never even tried to write, lol? Seriously, it’s not hard to write. I know all of you talk. I’m sure most of you way too much. BOOM! That’s all you have to do is write just exactly the way you would talk to someone. Yes, when you get done with your rough draft you will have to refine your writing. By proofreading and correcting some grammatical errors, So what!

Just try it on your notepad on your computer. Just start writing about something you would say out loud. About your current situation or where you’re sitting in the house, It doesn’t matter. Just write exactly the way you would talk. Before you know it, you will be writing down a thousand words on about any topic you can think of.

OK, NOW What?

How to make money online

Now that we got you over your fear of writing. I’m just kidding, If you are here still reading this you’re ready to do what it takes to succeed. I know this because I’m really not that good of a writer. So, it’s the content that has you still here. Do you see my point? Content, Content, Content, But good original content is so important.

Now that your Beautifully written and stunningly visual blog post is all done and uploaded to your site. You will have some task to complete. First, go over to google webmaster tools and resubmit your sitemap URL. Then you go over to Google+ and post your link. Now that is done, you go over to your blogger account (Free and owned by Google), and you write a post relating to your original post of about 250 words or more. Then have your blogger post funnel back to your original blog post on your site. If you made a video on Youtube that goes with your blog post. Make sure your blogs URL is in the description box of your Youtube video.

How to make money online

Nope, we’re not done yet! After you accomplish these task. Head on over to Facebook and post your blog/website link with a quick call to action in the message area. Post in a few groups that share the same interest as your post. Post on your wall, then on your FB page (WHAT? YOU DON”T HAVE A FB PAGE? You need to get one.), and a facebook group you need to start.

After that post on Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

NOW Rinse and Repeat! Every Single Day…

How is the Money Made, SEAN?

Great question! I almost forgot.

Well, what you do is pick small profitable niches to blog about. Niches are anything really.

An example of a Good Niche

Make Money Online with Amazon

Women’s Everyday Athletic Wear has become extremely popular this year in, 2018. Trendy and popular in my world means profitable. So, I could actually build a niche site around Ladies Athletic Wear. It would have a Blog post, and a niche related online store. All on the same website by using some free WordPress plugins and being an associate with Amazon.com.

It’s that simple.

You can see why it takes lots of original content and behind the scene task. You want Google to love you and give lots of free traffic. See, Google is like the old lady school teacher from back in the day. She would throw erasers at you. Then make you leave the class to pound them together all day if you are a lazy troll. But, if you work hard and play well with others. She lets you sit at the head of the class.

Here is a pretty low estimate of how traffic works if you follow my method.


How to make money online



You have 2 sites(you get two free ones with the free training below), blog 1 post to each site once a day. That’s a total of 2 blog post a day. Do it 7 days a week. In one week that is 14 total post. Now on average, 1 post gets 7 visitors a day. So, that is 14 x 7 = 98 visitors to your websites in one week.

That is 5096 visitors to those 2 sites in one year. Now amp it up, like I do, and do 2 blog post for each of your sites. Your will visitors climb to 10192 for the year.

You see where I’m going here. Furthermore, the more you do, the more traffic you will get. Plus once your site has established trust and authority from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It will get Indexed fast and ranked. By you putting out good original content. Your daily traffic will soar to 100’s of visitors a day. And that my friends, is how to make money online is done. 

By the way, this post is just at 1000 words

I Know! I Promised Free Training and Two Free Sites.
Here You Go! Click On Pic Below, To Start Your 10 free training Classes and Register Your Free Domains. And, Start Learning How to Make Money Online Today!

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8 thoughts on “Understanding How to Make Money Online for Beginners

  1. Haha I love this! It is the best about me page ever. I love how relaxed and formal you are while still offering professional advice. And its good advice too- especially about writing the way we talk. I was brought up to be very pronounced and “cultured” sounding when I speak. I personally find it very annoying and it is ingrained into my brain now, so when I write a blog post it always comes out in a more professional manner than I intended it too. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I will take a tip from your book and try to sound more relaxed in my posts.

    A very enjoyable read. Thank you! I agree that earning money online can make someone look weird. I think we all forget about showering and combing our hair sometimes because we get so busy. 😉

    Great website design as well by the way. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your nice comments. I guess I should tell people, I do have a formal education in English. lol. That was my major in college. I had a creative writing professor. Who told me to just be me. That day I had an epiphany. English is boring. thanks for comment

  2. Telling it like it is brother, I like it. Blatant honesty is always better than telling fluff, stretching it out and then waiting for some kind of “secret”. However, the only secret is that hard work is what it takes to make it big in the internet marketing space and nothing else. Shiny objects have no place here because they never work and you’ve clearly shown that. Great job, and I know you’re going to help a lot of people with this article 🙂

    1. Thank You for nice comments, yes, I will be bringing nothing but me to every post. I will always tell it the way I see it. Thank you again

  3. I appreciate the honesty here Sean. That is something in very short supply on the web these days. There are way to many people out there claiming to hold the “Holy Grail” of making money online. It simply does not exist. This is something I think everyone who is trying to forge their way online should read. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Hammer! I appreciate the compliments. Thank you for thinking everyone should read this post, Is just incredible. I can’t say enough kind words to show my gratitude for your comment.

  4. Your article about making money online is very informative. You have reinforced what I was told by WA that I need to write two or three articles a week in order to gain more free traffic to my website.

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