How to Make a Landing Page on WordPress

Today, I will be sharing with you the importance of creating a landing page. More importantly, a super affordable landing page on WordPress. That’s right, I will show you how to make a landing page on WordPress. Not only on WordPress, but a free one from Wealthy Affiliate.

Why use a Landing Page?

The importance of using a landing page seems to fall short on most new affiliate marketers. They think that they can simply just drop their affiliate link on their blog post and social media. Then they expect magic to happen. Well, I have some bad news for you. That is a really crappy way of trying to make money online through affiliate marketing. You will lose tons of sales doing things that way.

You should always send potential customers through a funnel starting with a landing page. Understanding how to make a landing page on WordPress will make your world a whole lot easier. I have prepared a video. NO, Not you sean! You created a video. Yes, so shut up SEAN! I like making videos for others to watch. Ok, I’m going to stop arguing with myself real quick. So go ahead and watch me show you how to make a landing page on WordPress.


Choosing The Right Tools for the Job

How to make a landing page on WordPress

As you can see from the video, I was using the elementor WordPress plugin to help me create a responsive video landing page. I like this plugin the best to help me make landing pages on WordPress sites. It makes it easy to build them. furthermore, I was using one of the free WordPress sites that I have received through Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, I am able to make pretty cool and simple landing pages on WordPress for free. So when it comes to building landing pages, it is not necessary to spend an arm and leg on landing page builders like click funnels or lead pages, especially when you first get started. Heck, you don’t need to use those services even if your not new to affiliate marketing.

How to Make a Landing Page on WordPress for Success!

As I mentioned above, creating a funnel for your affiliate offer is extremely powerful stuff. The ability to retarget everyone, who has shown an interest in your affiliate offer with email marketing, will ensure you are making more money. Ever since I started doing my affiliate marketing this way, my sales have gone up tremendously. I have gone from making maybe a couple hundred dollars a month to making that on a daily basis. Why? Because I am retargeting every single person that has shown an interest to any of my affiliate offers. Like I said, This is an extremely powerful method that can easily be implemented into your affiliate business strategy.

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10 thoughts on “How to Make a Landing Page on WordPress

  1. Thanks for sharing Sean, couldn’t agree more with what you said. I think when most people hear about affiliate marketing, they think if they just include a link in some good content that people will automatically click and buy. But just knowing how myself and others operate online, that’s hardly ever the case. You have to gain trust with the consumer most of the time before they are willing to buy what you may be recommending or selling. Great content all around, looking forward to seeing what else you have posted!

  2. awesome info, I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing and building websites. I’ve heard of landing pages, but had no idea what they are and what they are for. Your post has cleared that up for me. Thank-you, rock on!

  3. Landing pages have confused me previously being a newbie at building a website (and a bit technologically challenged 🙂 )….thanks for this article Sean, it was very helpful

  4. Hi, Sean, I think I learned something new today from you. Very interesting topic about the importance of the landing page. The video I follow was very instructive and very helpful. I agreed with you that, also you must retargeting every single person that shows an interest. I will certainly do what you are suggesting to do.
    Thank you so much.

  5. “They think that they can simply just drop their affiliate link on their blog post and social media. Then they expect magic to happen.” – I am sooo guilty of this!

    I know of Landing Pages, but never really bothered to do it. Now, thanks to your article, I fully understand the importance of these valuable pages. I will, from now on, work on my Landing Pages.

    And love the video! Love that you can add a little you in the bottom right corner. What software do you use to create a video like this?

    Once again, thank you! I will start doing Landing Pages!

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