Learn How To Do On Page SEO

How to do on page SEO

Who wants to learn how to do on page SEO?

Do you stare at your computer screen wondering what the heck On Page SEO actually is? Does the whole business of search engine optimization just blow your mind? I know how you feel, like throwing your computer out the front door then blasting it to death with a shotgun. No worries though, I have figured it out for the both us. In this article and video, you will learn how to do on page SEO. So hold on because I’m about to blow your hair back with some awesome stuff. Ok, maybe not blow your hair back, but you will have a better understanding of what on-page SEO is and how to implement it. So let’s learn how to do on page SEO

Not only did I write this awesome post about on-page SEO. I created a video to give you some more insight into the subject. Alright, let’s learn how to do on page SEO.

Um, Yes! I celebrate beer Wednesday. It’s a thing!

It All Starts with Your Title

Before I ever create a new post, I do a bit of brainstorming first. I write down what I think I want my keyword to be into a few titles. Then I will quickly do a Google search for these exact titles to see if my keywords are relevant and to check out the competition. Once I have established some basic research on Google. I head over to Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, to gather more insight and data into the keywords I would like to use in my article. Therefore, I will quickly establish my post title with the keywords I want to try and rank for. Always have your keywords in the post title. This is a very crucial step to Learn How to do on page SEO.

The Use of the Keywords

The old philosophy of stuffing as many keyLearn how to do on page seoiwords into your post as you can do not work at all anymore. Google quickly recognizes those sites that try do keyword stuffing. It’s an old trick that just does not work at all anymore.

Instead, you should write articles for your site as naturally as one can. I prefer to write in a conversational tone to engage my readers. (Is it working?) The actual keywords you are trying to rank for should only be used in 2.5% of the text. Further, the Keywords should be in at least one subheading.

Why use external and internal links

What are external links? These are links that you use in your article that link to sites outside of yours. Why use them? Well, Google and other search engines love to see you sharing. Search engines absolutely adore it when we all get along. For example, if you take a look at any Wikipedia page you will notice that they are filled with external links and internal links. That is one of the reasons why Wikipedia pages are constantly on page one of Google. Remember Sharing is Caring and Google loves you for it. That is the simplest way I can explain external links. Therefore, make sure you use them but try to only use authority sites to link to. Affiliate links do not count as good external links.

Internal links are those that send people to another part of your site like one of your blog posts. These types of links are just as important as having good external links. When the Google search engine bots crawl your post they will be looking to see if you have internal links within your post. They do this to see how far and deep they can crawl into your site’s content. If a bot can crawl from post to post by using internal links it will let Google know the amount of time it took to crawl your site. The longer a bot crawls the better. Plus, readers will potentially stay on your site longer when they read a post that links to a relevant post to help them find a solution to their problem. The longer readers engage your content the better for search engine optimization.

We All love Images and Videos

Well, Guess What? So does Google! If you use relevant images with proper alt tags, those images with help your content get ranked fastlearn how to do on page seoer in Google. Do not just take an image off of some else’s site, that is called theft. However, if you don’t have your own images to use one can find royalty free images online. There are sites like Unsplash and Pixabay that have free royalty free images you can use. You can also create your images and graphics for your site using free and premium resources like Fotor.

Did you know Google own’s Youtube? Yep, they own everything I think. Since this is the case, Google really likes it when you embed a Youtube video into your blog post. It’s best if you can create your own videos to use. However, it is not necessary, one can simply use any Youtube video just make sure the video is relevant to your subject matter of the post.

Using SEO Plugins

There a bunch of different SEO plugins out there to help one improve their on-page SEO. However, I am only going to discuss one in the video I provided. That is the Yoast SEO Plugin. You will see exactly why I use this free WordPress plugin to help me improve on Page SEO. However, picking the SEO plugin that fits you is all part of to Learn How to do on page SEO. 

Get Some Comments and Followers

There is nothing Google likes more than to see people interacting with people. What I mean is Google loves to see comments on your post. Not only comments, but Google wants to see you engage your readers through the comments section on your blog posts. By having this interaction with your blog posts search engines will recognize your site as an authority in your chosen niche that much faster. Thus, giving your site’s posts better rankings.

Why it’s important to Learn How to do On Page SEO

These are the absolute must do basics for any blog post today for proper on-page SEO. To Learn how to do on page SEO is essential in today’s tech-savvy world. Don’t get left behind doing outdated SEO practices. If you follow these practices at the same time you are constantly pumping out new and original material for your site. The posts will get ranked for the keywords you want them to. I truly hope this article and the video I provided helped you learn how to do on page SEO.

Thanks for reading and watching. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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