How to create an email list – Then engage it for maximum profits

How to create an email list









Every Good Online Marketer Should Know How to Create an email list


If you had a strong list and knew how to use it, your business would flourish. Did you catch that bit about if you “knew how to use it.” Yes, this is a very important factor in list building management. The size of your list is meaningless if the people don’t respond to your emails. This is an essential part of how to create an email list.

These are three lists they should begin building

Prospect List

Customer List

Joint Venture List


If you’re not getting a high return every time you send a broadcast to your list, there is something wrong. Meaning, Your PayPal account should light up like the hills behind my house does at night with all the stills glowing.


Some Marketers will tell you it’s ok to not to make money right away because of your working on a relationship with your newly built list. Come On! Really!!! The only marketers who say these kinds of things are the ones with a big unresponsive list.


The moment you get a subscriber to your list is when that lead is the hottest. Let’s think about this for a moment, they just joined your list because they have a problem that they feel you might have the solution too. In this small window of time, they have already taken one small step by joining your list.This is the time when they will be more likely to buy a product from you.


Think about this for a moment. Let’s say you do a site on dog grooming tips. A prospect joins your list and he has a horrible problem with an infestation of fleas. Do you just warm them up for two weeks with little tips, but no real solution till you got to know them. HOGWASH!!! You would offer a product immediately to help out your new subscriber.


It is your duty, your overall mission, to offer your prospects the very best solutions to their problems at the very moment they join your list. If you don’t, your prospects will just find someone else to solve their problems. If you’re not promoting something from the first email and every email after. You are just leaving money on the table.

Now, I don’t suggest filling your emails with product links. Instead, write an engaging email and leave only one link back to your offer at the bottom of the email. But, Always promote something with every email!

How to create an email list

The Real Truth About List Building

I’m not saying don’t build a relationship with your prospects on your list. You should be building that relationship and offering a paid product at the same time from your very first email. By doing this, you will offer a solution with a paid product and build a relationship with your now new customer. This is necessary to create an email list that is engaging and profitable. 




There are a few things you need to have to run a successful email list building campaign.

  1. An autoresponder that is packed full of good valuable content
  2. You Need an enticing “Lead Magnet Offer”  – To Learn More about Lead Magnets And How To Create Them  –  Click Here
  3. A Mini Sales Letter “Lead Magnet” Page
  4. A Steady flow of targeted traffic to your lead magnet page.


Create an email list Basics

The Autoresponder is basically a software that allows one to preload an email message. That will broadcast your message to your new subscribers and existing list at specified times. It’s a hands-free way to make sure you are maximizing your profit potential, while you create an email list. You can also send out live email notices to your entire list.


There are two options of Autoresponders you can use.

  1. Self-hosted: This is where you manage the script and all tech details on your own website
  2. Third-Party: This where you join an email service providers program who manages your list and all the software needed.


Out of these two options, the best way to go if you have no knowledge of list building is with a third party provider. These types of programs are extremely helpful to newbies. Most offer training with their service. Most of them you can join the first month for free. They also do something else very important. They help keep them emails you send to your list, Whitelisted.


With all the different email marketing platforms on the market today it can be hard to choose the right one that fits your needs. Well, I made it easy for you, It’s called Aweber! It’s free Your First Month. Which is great cause Aweber has a ton of training to get you going down the right path. Probably The best and Easiest to use! Most of the top Email List today are managed by Aweber. Watch the video below to learn more about Aweber Email Marketing Platform.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for Free


Next, you need to build an opt-in page to drive leads to your  “Lead Magnet” to build your list.

 But Always, use a double opt-in also known as a confirmed opt-in for your list. This is when your subscriber has to confirm joining your list by your autoresponder sending that confirmation email to them. This is your first message to your new prospect. You should customize your confirmation email with a proper call to action. Yes, offer them a product once they confirm with a redirect link to an offer that best suits your niche. Or, If you want to offer a free give away that has paid products on the same page.


Here are two real-life examples of a “Lead Magnet”. Click on one or both to see how it flows. You will notice Nice Headlines, easy to follow call to action. These are a couple of my “Lead Magnets” that has taken my list from 0 to 230 in 16 days.

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Another Thing a double (Confirmed) opt-in does. It makes sure you have a targeted list. Why? These are the people that did one little extra step to be on your list. This is HUGE! When your list is built with a double opt-in you know you are getting the right people on your list. If you use a single opt-in to build your list you could be getting people just putting in someones else’s email or a fake one.

So, when you send out your broadcast to your list. You would be wasting time and money on all those fake emails. Some marketers use both types depending on their needs. I only use Double opt-in because I want a targeted responsive list.  But maybe, you should test out both ways and see which one works best for you.


After, your new prospect goes through your opt-in page and after they entered their email. You need to have a thank you page. Make the message on this page short and sweet. This page should tell your new lead at least these three things. Thank them for joining your list. Encourage them to go to their Inbox right away for their free gift, provide a link to a related Paid product



Getting Your Prospects To Read Your Emails!

Now you have an Autoresponder and you are getting it set up. One of the key things that you need to do when setting up your autoresponder is loading it up with messages. From your initial message that goes out once a prospect confirms joining your list to about three weeks out, set at different intervals. At this part of my blog post, I am going to show you what I mean about “different intervals” with this video.

As you can see I put up the minimum of 7 auto-responses on a precise schedule. On average a person needs to see an offer 7 to 12 times to take action. So, make sure you set up your autoresponder messages. Or you will be losing a great amount of earning potential.


Another thing that needs to be done with your emails. Is make the message an evergreen message. “What The Heck Do You Mean By Evergreen Message?” It is a message that won’t ever be outdated.

If your prospect doesn’t open your email for like a month from when they received it. The Subject shouldn’t say, “Look at our Specials for Valentines.”  Do you see my point! If Valentine’s day is weeks after the fact that the prospect comes along your email, they will just skip over it. Avoid using clues that might identify when the email was written. Also, make sure that your email is relevant this year as it will be next.

Good Subject Lines

Make sure you are writing good subject lines. This is a very important part of to create an email list that is responsive. This is the first thing your subscriber will see. Use a Subject line that describes a benefit or arouses curiosity.

Here is an example of one the subject lines I use in one of my emails.

How I Made $132 off of $16 in 48hrs with Facebook Ads

You can see how this subject line provides a benefit and arouses curiosity.

Here is a generic example of a poor subject line and a good one.

Poor – “Weight Loss Tips”

Good – “The #1 Way To Lose Weight Fast!”

I Think you see the difference. There are few steps to follow to create an email list that will good to you.


Next, Make sure you’re ‘from” area of your email is easily recognized by your subscribers. Use the brand that they signed up to your list with or your most recognizable name.


You Must, absolutely must, provide quality content in your emails. That way when people see your emails they get excited to open them. Send your readers good tips, articles, or your blog post that are filled with value. Always recommend a good quality product and services in each email. Just remember to keep your offer to one per email.


My last tip on how you should create an email list is to keep your emails short, no more than 200 words max. The reason is people are busy and they don’t have time to read a 1000 word email. They want it quick and fast.  Make sure your emails are engaging and captivating in 200 words or less.


Now, create an email list!

If you go back through my blog post and start reading through them. You will see that I have outlined a formula for success. I Show my proof and give explicit details. If you want weekly tips from me on how to expand your online business. Then just go back to the top right of this blog post. You will see where you can join my list of fun and learning. It’s ok, I won’t spam you.


Please put any comments or questions below. If you liked my post please share it.

Thank you for reading,


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11 thoughts on “How to create an email list – Then engage it for maximum profits

  1. Hi Sean, thank you so much for sharing! I actually have a blog myself and am looking to start building out my email list. However, it’s still early on and I haven’t really generated any consistent traffic. Is it worth it at this point to invest in some sort of LeadPages software or should I wait until my site takes off a bit more? I’m just curious about what you use to build your opt-in page and how much it costs? Thanks so much!

    1. I think anyone who is trying to capture an audience should have a landing page and a landing page builder they can optimize to fit what ever look they want. If you click on my lead magnet examples in this post you will see what my landing pages look like. I build it with landing page monkey. Landing Page Monkey Integrates with any autoresponder. It works especially well with Aweber. Check out Landing Page monkey
      Click Here To Learn More
      14 day TRIAL PRICE:
      $37.00 annually

  2. This is a great post with very useful information! I need to implement an email subscribing option on my newest website. Haven’t gotten there yet, but this made me realize I really need to! Love your lead magnet ideas. I am excited to come up with one of my own. For some reason that part is out of my comfort zone. I always worry that ultimately my “bonus” wont be exciting enough for people to stay subscribed, but I guess I wont get any subscribers if I don’t ever try!! haha

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

    1. That’s for sure. You will 100% of the time never get subscribers if you don’t try.The only way to get ahead in this game is getting a nice responsive list. That correlates with a good blog filled with value. Thank you for the comment

  3. wow i am consistently amazed at how involved managing a website really is. i am curious if an email list is more for a product review page or can it be of use for my blog page as well? so many options and avenues to monetize my blog. would you recommend any auto responder that works well with word press pages ? is there such thing as package service that offers me a pre designed list builder set up or must i piece one together ? thanks for any advice

    1. am email list is just another way to reach a very targeted audience if you put your list together with like minded people. I use it to remind my subscribers of any new post I have put out. I may tell them anuthing new I have discovered. But I alwaysleave them with a product that I trust. It could be done in product review style. For anyone new to Email marketing i only suggest Aweber because they train you how to use their state of the art email marketing platform. Aeber also has all the tools you need to build a list. I left a video for aweber in this post. but you can visit aweber by clicking here it’s free the first month

  4. Hi Sean, I LOVE your sense of humor and you really had some great points here about building a list and helping people out that are on that list. I agree, every blog should be list building if they have something of value to their visitors. You can’t rely on a visitor EVER coming back to a webpage of yours unless you get their email on a list and invite them back to your blog or your sales page.

  5. One question. Are autoresponders pretty expensive to use? And if so is there a way you can do it for free? When you first start out there is not a lot of money handy that you can use.

    1. Do you have a pc or mac? Because in the apple store you can download Direct Mail Ap for free. and they let you send 50 emails a month free or you can by 1000 for $29.99 to use whenever. when you purchase the credits you can setup an auto responder. Aweber is free the first month best if you have a PC. check out aweber -> Here

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