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Really! If There were easy ways to make money online, I promise you, I would have found it. Now, don’t get me wrong there a few ways to make small amounts of money. I will discuss them in this post. But, Mainly, I want to warn you about some really bad choices for trying to make money online. I promise you I have tried a wide assortment of ways to make online and failed miserably for years. I Started my online adventure in 2002. I have seen them all come and go.


I have only found one true way to make money online. That let me quit my job and work full time from home. All my bills are paid, and I want for nothing. I will discuss what I do to make money online Towards the end of this post.


What I mean is, never try these next to programs claiming to have easy ways to make money online.

First up.. The Pay Pal Adder, Are you freaking kidding me.

This is an online software of sorts claiming to put free money into your PayPal account. Just like that, Pay Pal money just (poof) Materializes, pure Bullshit. This is the biggest dump on my chest I have ever seen. Why do people fall this crap.

Here is an example of what I mean for you to avoid at all cost.

Easy ways to make money online

This One is a Doozy!

Easy ways to make money online

Holy Crap! Are these people for real. I can not believe this is even a thing any more. This type of online money making venture is a true dead end. The site claims you can make millions by doing tiny little task for no less than .10 cents. WHY? why whould anyone do anything for just ten cents. And besides that the site is bogus, the only task they have for you to do is promote their referal link. That’s it. Just total HORSE MANURE!


easy ways to make money online

Here Is A Legit Way to Make Pennies From Home.

I have talked about them before, and I have a total disgust for them. But, Surveys, there I said it. Yes, Surveys absolutely suck to do. But They can generate a small, very small income for the person who loves to be bored to death. There all kinds of survey options on the internet.

AND NO, there is not one better than the others. THEY ALL SUCK. but they are legit. And I know Survey Junky will payout once you reached the $10 threshold. It just might take you a week and half to earn that $10.  If you still want to check out survey type site try Survey Junkie. At Least I know they will pay.

Done Right This is A Very Profitable way to Make Money Online.

Affiliate Marketing is great way to earn money on your blog and even through social media. There many techniques out there on how to get traffic to your affiliate offers. As there are many techniques, there are many affiliate programs out there one can join. I am memebr of 9 diferent affiliate programs. Some I had to apply to once my site held more authority, While other affiliate programs let nme joined instantly.

One of those Affiliate Programs is JVZOO.com


Jvzoo has pretty good payouts on commisions from it’s vendors. Mostly They sell digital products. But, One thing they have in there market place that is better than all the rest programs. It’s there training program. When you first join their affiliate program(yes it’s free to join) jvzoo will send you free training videos on how to be an affiliate marketer.

What Do I Do to Make Money Online?

As I mentioned at the top of this post. I was going to tell you what I do to make a pretty good income by working from home online. First let me tell you this, what i do is no trick or scheme. I simply just create keyword rich content and post to my sites frequently.

It all starts with good keyword search. Here is an example.

  So after I do good keyword search. I move onto turning that keyword into content. I take that keyword and I make post on my website that is surrounded by that keyword. And I write it myself, even if I Don’t know shit. I never copy and paste from someone else’s site. Im’ not talking ethics here, It just won’t work. Google will never even recognize your site with it all copied pasted to together.

Number 1, Do A Keyword Search for a good keyword.

Number 2, Make a post about your keyword, and make it original.

Number 3, I put affiliate banners on my post to monetize the site. (But not to many)

And that’s it in a nutshell. Kind Of..

There is a quite a bit more actually but I didn’t get into this business knowing what I know now. I had to learn it. And I tried the whole, ” I can just learn it on my own”, Bit. Ut did nothing but frustrate me and bring me down. Because I was constantly lost and spin my wheels. So, I sought out to get an education, and boy did I. I signed for more loads of crap that all worlds flies couldn’t handle.


Wealthy Affiliate! I know The name is misleading. I thought the same thing. But, I did My research on them and they seemed to be legit.

So I said the heck with it, and I jumped in two feet first while fist pumping in the air.  It was easily one of the best decisions I ever made. I start learning. I STARTED LEARNING!!!.

It was just incredible and overwhelming when I first logged in to Wealthy Affiliate for the first time. There is hours upon hours video trining corses, website hosting, the jaaxy tool and so much more that comes with the premium package.

Well here is a clip of me trying to explain what comes with your Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

I for one love Wealthy Affiliate. It helped change my game by teaching me the right way to build small profitable niche sites by just doing a few things everyday. Number one being put out content.

I posted a couple of other peoples video reviews and the date it was posted to youtube, on here about Wealthy Affiliate. Why the date? To show you how long Wealthy Affiliate has been around helping people with success online. IF your interested in starting your free membership today just click above.


Wealthy Affiliate Video Review – Posted To Youtube.com on Feb 14, 2018


Wealthy Affiliate Video Review – Posted To Youtube.com on Jun 24, 2015

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review – Posted To Youtube.com on Nov 19, 2007

  • There are 13 years spanning these videos.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people like you and I since 2005.
  • You don’t stay around that long if your doing something wrong.


To Get MY Big secret to Understanding how to make money online and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate Click Here


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