Create Youtube Channel Art That is Amazing

Have you ever wondered how all the top YouTubers create those amazing looking video thumbnails? You know the ones, that have a call to action in them. They are built beautifully to help make them stand out from the crowd. Well, I have found a free resource online that allows creating not only cool Youtube video Thumbnails, like the one below. But all kinds of social media art like Facebook Ads, Linkedin backgrounds, Instagram Posts, banner ads for your site, and so much more. In this post, I will show how to create youtube channel art that is amazing.

This is a YouTube video thumbnail I created for one of my videos using Fotor.

Social media art






Fotor is FREE to use!

When you create YouTube Channel art that is amazing. Your videos will be easily recognizable and appealing to a wider audience. People will trust you more if they see you spend a little effort, creating unique YouTube Channel art and video Thumbnails. Especially, if your Youtube Channel Art stands out from the crowd. By doing these kinds of things to draw attention your video it can help your youtube video rank faster. This is easily achievable by use Fotor’s free social media art builder.

Here is a video of me using Fotor for free to create youtube channel art.

As you can see from the video that fotor is one amazing free resource for creating social media posts and ads. Also, you can also create banner ads and blog post feature images using the title of the blog post.

Using Fotor to Create Youtube Channel Art That is Amazing!

Fotor is extremely easy to sign up for use. Not only can you create YouTube Channel Art, fotor allows to create all kinds of different social media art for free. However, they do have a premium service that cost $39.99 annually. Now I did start off using the free version of fotor and it was awesome. However, the other day I elected to go premium with the annual subscription. And, it was well worth it! I am now able to create all kinds of social media art for others and sell that art to people on Fiverr. I already have a successful blog writing gig on Fiverr that makes me over $1000 a month. By now adding this social media art creation gig, I am sure I will climb into the $2000 Plus a month club on Fiverr.

If you don’t know what Fiverr is Check it Out Here!!!

Furthermore, Not only can you create an income off of using the premium fotor platform as a freelancer. One can simply use the free version of fotor to create youtube channel art or any type of social media art and banner ads they want. It is completely risk-free to sign up for fotor today. There is no credit card required to sign up for the free version. Plus, the free version comes with a ton of resources to use to create social media art. So don’t be shy, check out Fotor right now!

Therefore, using sources like fotor can surely help increase your exposure as well as help grow your brand. It is always important to try and stand out from the crowd, and with fotor, you will now be able to do that.


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10 thoughts on “Create Youtube Channel Art That is Amazing

  1. Hey Sean!

    I have been thinking to join YouTube for a while now. Glad to read your post which was very readable and informative. As one of the main reasons people visit YouTubers specific channels is how the it looks, thumbnails and the creativity and effort put on it.

    Thanks for sharing this wish us.


  2. Never heard of Fotor before, sounds like Kotor from Star Wars 😀
    Very cool stuff. My sister has a youtube channel and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t make my own channel art, this is very interesting and I definitely like the idea of using for my own channel, thank for the information!

    1. Your very welcome Jacob. I personally just found it a little over a month ago. It has definitely helped me with my channel art.

  3. Great post as usual! I have not started using youtube yet but I will be soon. This looks like a very useful site for creating stuff we all need for online and affiliate marketing. Is this just for videos or can you make pictures for your website as well?

    1. Yes. You can make images for your blog post, LinkedIn Background, Facebook posts, Google+ backgrounds. It does a lot and they’re all free to use.

  4. Hi Sean!
    You came at the right time at the right moment! I’ve been looking for youtube editor I want my channel looks attractive it eye-catching but I don’t know how to edit it.
    Thanks, I found you. I will visit and try Fotor.

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