What is Click Bait? How to Create Click bait?

So, What is Click Bait?

What is Click Bait

Click bait is basically, content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page or product. Seems simple enough, but many people who try to create click bait fail miserably at it. I decided to share with you a simple 4 step method to improve your click rate on your click bait ads.


A simple 4 Step Method that Unleashes The Crazy Power of Click Bait

  1. Create Your Video/Post
  2. Craft a Compelling Click Bait Advert
  3. Create a Polished Landing Page
  4. Get Eyeballs on Your Ad

Inside your video/post, you’ll get people to take a specific action, such as join your list or buy a product.

Once you master those 4 steps you’ll get more subscribers, more readers, and a whole lot more revenue.

I will show you how certain sites like the TheDailyMash, TheOnion, and buzzfeed.com develop and use there click bait to get peoples attention that gets those Clicks.

Step 1.

Create your Video/Post

First and foremost, make the sure content you create is good and has value for the people in your niche.

Next create a simple “how to”, “tips”, or “secrets” video or post.

There are two major factors to do first with when creating your video/post.

  • create a compelling title.
  • split the content between your video/post

Your Compelling Title

Here is a poor example of a compelling title, “Tips On How To Make Candles.”  As you can see this title is boring. It makes you want to just skip right over it. You need to jazz it up a little with a much more compelling title like, “Discover This Super-Effective Way to Make Your Very Own Candles at Home!”

Now, we just don’t have a boring “how to”. We have a Super-Effective way that one can make candles from home.

Her is another example.

“3 Tips for getting traffic” – BORING!

“Learn Three Secret Traffic Tips That The Top Affiliates Don’t Want You to Know About! – Much Better…

See how the more compelling title could arouse curiosity in your reader. People love to scratch that curiosity. Which in return provides a higher click rate on that title.


what is click bait

Split The Content Between Your Video/Post

Here is what you do. You provide part of the content in your click bait video/post. Then you offer the viewers the chance to get the rest of your content by either asking for them to join an email list, purchase a product, share your site on social media, or whatever action you want them to perform.

Here is an example.

You Create a Video/Post with the title, “Three Frightening Facts You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing Before Getting Involved!”

Is this title compelling? Yes?

This title not only shows a benefit to the reader. It arouses curiosity, and might even scare people a little bit. Making them think they should definitely read this before they begin an online business as an affiliate marketer.

Now, of course, make sure the content backs up your title, as the title promises. They should learn about three frightening facts that all new affiliate marketers need to know. If possible make your content just as compelling as your title. The best way to make content compelling is to write in an informing but friendly entertaining matter. Never forget to make sure the content is supported by facts when necessary.

Provide a Call to Action

At the end of your video/post, you provide a call to action. Where they will learn even more about affiliate marketing and how to succeed. Basically, you provide a video/post that is useful but incomplete.

Your call to action can look something like this, “Click Below Now to see proven strategies to ensure affiliate marketing success ASAP.” This will lead them to a landing page to where they have to join your mailing list to get said strategies.

A Second approach that you could use. Is after you explain the three frightening things every new affiliate should know. You point the viewers to a product you affiliate. That will help them reach the success they desire. But, explain why they need to buy the product to reach that success.

There are many ways to approach people with an offer to encourage them to buy a related product. Once you get the hang of it, the sky is the limit.

Now it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. You have to create content that is not just useful, but also entertaining. That way you can lead them to your call to action at the end of your content. (Think “Infotainment” or “edutainment”). These words mean to provide your viewers with useful information and entertain them, as well.

What is Click BaitCraft Compelling Click Bait Advert

This is probably the most important step to ensure your success. If you get this wrong your whole campaign will sink faster than a rock at your favorite fishing hole. What do I mean by a click bait advert? It is a small image Ad that’s about 600 pixels by 500 pixels or maybe even smaller. If you want to see an excellent example check out Huffington Post.

There are two parts to a click bait advert, one being the image the other being the text.

When it comes to the image it’s important to spend as much time as needed to choose the right design. This is the first thing that captures peoples eye. Always test and track your ads to see what sort of images work best for your audience.

Tips on Choosing Images:
  • Use Pics Of People or Cute Animals
  • Be sure the people in your pic are looking back at the camera
  • Don’t have clutter in your image, think minimalistic
  • Choose Images with bright colors
  • Use High-Quality Images
Don’t just copy images off the internet!

Next is the text for your ad, often referred to as ad copy. You only have half a second to grab the viewers attention. You get just one headline to get that click. Here you would apply the same principles that I outlined in writing a compelling title.

Create a Polished High Converting Landing Page

Let’s say your click bait Ad is working like crazy. You’re getting plenty of clicks to your landing page. But, your landing page looks like crap. Guess What? People are going to click away faster than an Oklahoma style tornado rips a house apart. That’s Right! People do judge a book by it’s cover. Especially when it comes to landing pages. So what you need to do is ensure you make a landing page that is polished and professional looking.

Heads up: if you’re looking to grow your mailing lists, then you’re going to want to get your hands on this – Landing pages made easy 

What is Click Bait


Get Eyeballs on Your Ad

Now, it’s time for the unveiling of that powerful click bait ad you created. But, Where do you Post It? Really everywhere your prospects are likely to see it.


Here some places to start:

  • Post it on your blog, either on the sidebar or at the bottom of other related content you have posted on your blog.
  • Pin it to Pinterest
  • Post it on Twitter
  • post it on Facebook
  • Buy Facebook and Instagram Ads 
What is Click bait
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  • Buy an ad on a related site – The best way to do this is approach site owners directly about purchasing space on some of their more popular pages in their site
  • You could try sites like ButSellAds.com
  • Or do a swap! The idea here is you find someone in your niche. That will be willing to show your ads on their site. As well as, you sharing their ads on your site.

So to wrap things up

We have covered a simple but very effective four-step formula for creating click bait ads. That will produce more clicks to your offer. Just like the big sites do, like the ones I mentioned in this post do. So why not give a try. It works for them!

“Unlock The Secret That Successful Affiliate Marketers Don’t Want You to Know!”










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Here is How I created This Click Bait Ad In Word Press. Plus a Little Bonus “How to”.  Go Ahead Give it a Watch. Learn Something!

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16 thoughts on “What is Click Bait? How to Create Click bait?

  1. Hey, thanks for these great tips.

    It’s good to read these strategies over again. I just made a not that interesting but for my niche necessary post. Because I found it not too interesting I made the title boring too.

    Next time I will take better attention when creating a title and remember the click-baiting aspect.

    The tip of the pics showing peoples faces I will try as well.

  2. Hi there! This is a really nice post that summarizes everything one needs to know before you start an affiliate business. Really nicely put out and I liked the advice regarding splitting your content between a post and a video. Definitely something I will try out in the near future.

    All the best for the rest of your site development!


  3. Hi Sean< I absolutely loved this post and need to read it time and time again for all the great tips you have shared. Thank you so much. I also needed a good giggle this morning and you did that for me too. What a bonus. I am sure you will get lots of support for this post. Best wishes, Jill

  4. You’ve given me food for thought Sean with the titles.

    Sometimes I feel like these sort of titles don’t actually deliver. They may look more appealing than the boring ones, like you have given examples with.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’ll change a few of my post titles and see what happens.

    Maybe you’ll convert my thinking. Hope it works though.

  5. Wow, this is great information right here! I really hadn’t thought about how i was phrasing my headlines or how I was attracting my viewers. This is definitely getting bookmarked and I will be referencing this information again.

    Loved your humor too, really made this a great read!

    1. Thank you, for the nice comments. Yes, Yes, I try to interject my personality into my writing. I will be giving tons of free info on do online marketing for success as i see it. again thank you for the read.

  6. Hey this is a really good article, i am all about youtube as well and i know about click bait and a lot of people hates it soo much lol. But thats normally when youtubers has misleading titles that tricks the viewers into clicking on the video. You made a lot of good points and i need to get back to making more videos as well!

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