How to set up a youtube channel For Success

It’s Me, Sean, Again! First, let me start off by saying hello, “Hello!”

Set up a youtube channel


My How to set up a youtube channel Guide

In This post, I will be covering the topic of how to set up a Youtube channel, to maximize it’s potential. As well as, cover some basics of branding and why it’s important for youtube. In The video (It’s 15 minutes long, but filled with good stuff!),  I provide a, how to get a youtube channel setup and show a free way to build your logo that has amazing results.



What is Branding? And Why Bother?

You have to brand yourself if you want any kind of real success online. So, Sean What is Branding?

Well to me branding is promoting a logo, persona, or website. For instance, Google is actually the Brand and we all know it by as well. Here is the definition of branding provided by Wikipedia:  branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization.


Another example of a Personal Brand. Is My Photo at the top of the post. I am always wearing that knitted blue, red, and white hat (Shush Someone Made This For Me) with the same background.  I trying to leave an impression on you with a silly photo and a bit of light humor that’s is in all my post and videos. Now, What I have noticed is if I do something controversial.


Like my post, “A Real Internet Marketing D-Bag“. It will get a lot more Traction. I posted this piece on my blog on March 8th, 2018. Today it is March 11, 2018. In This Timeframe, I have had over 30 comments on this blog post. That it is Good!.


Especially since is a new site for me that I just built on March 5, 2018. It usually takes most new sites to get that kind of interaction a couple months. But do to branding and being a bit different with a subject of controversy, It is my best performing post on this blog. In My eyes, that’s a recipe for success.

Here let’s take a look at how Being different is Best.

Here is a youtube channel that took the world by storm when their channel went live on Nov 19, 2005. When They started they had a brand in mind and have stuck with it since. They have 7,102,078,921 views since their inception.

I’m not going to tell you the name of the brand, let’s see if you can recognize the brand in the video.

That’s right it’s Smosh. You have been living under a rock if you never heard of smosh.

There Brand is the name “Smosh.” There Branding is what made them stay successful.

Let’s Set Up That Youtube Channel.H

How to set up a youtube channel the right way is very important. Just as important as creating videos and uploading them on a consistent basis.  Instead of me blubbering on. I will just show you with a Youtube video. And Please Subscribe, Share and Like!!!!

As requested, the site I use to create my awesome youtube channel art is

If you don’t have your youtube channel setup the right way. Well, now you know how to set up a youtube channel, the right way. If you have any questions or comments leave them below. I will surely get back to you in less than 24 hours

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10 thoughts on “How to set up a youtube channel For Success

  1. I am working so hard to make money online but is somehow difficult for me because i lack knowledge of internet marketing.But this your training has given me hope that i can still try sometime else.Is it a must that i will be the one that will produce the video to upload in my youtube channel or can i get it anywhere?
    king regards

    1. It is always best to use yourself in the video. People respond to real more than being a behind the scenes marketer. Get out there be brave and give it a try. it’s fun.

  2. Thank you Sean for a great article and video, I really enjoyed it!

    I particularly loved the video and learnt a few things I was not doing when I set up my YouTube Channel.

    Most people don’t seem to understand the importance of branding, your article and video will definitely help them understand and set up their channel the right way from the start to build their brand. I know I will be tweaking a few things! 🙂

    I have bookmarked your site and will surely be visiting often.. keep up the good work!

  3. I love your style of teaching. Your video definitely will help me when I get to where I have the need for adding my own video (won’t compare to your style). I have bookmarked this for future reference.
    I would like to know the correct spelling of the photo editing site as well. I have been searching for a free program to use with multiple features with no success.
    I have just recently learned how important branding is and the way you described it makes total sense.
    I will try and sleep an eye out for new releases form you.
    I can definitely learn from you.

    1., sorry I should add that to the post. heck i’ll do that after i write this. Yes, please comeback and also subscribe to my youtube channel. My next post will be on to set up targeted audiences in facebook ads for a high return. thank you for the comment.

  4. Wow! This was a great post on branding and very useful video on how to setup YouTube Channel. I’ll need it once I finally decide to start recording videos. I subscribed to your YouTube Channel and look forward to your next post. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, I am actually in the process of finishing todays post titled, “My Instagram Stories – Does Advertising on Instagram Work?” You should check it out. again thank you for the nice comments

  5. I know I’ve been slacking on my social media platforms so thanks a lot for the heads up. I think my first platform I’ll be taking seriously is YouTube. The amount of benefits it provides is extraordinary compared to others such as Facebook and Twitter. Btw, I love the way you write, as it brings me in and holds me there until the end. Great job brother! Keep up the good work.

    1. I appreciate the compliment on my writing style. I feel engaging your readers as if you were talking directly at them works very well. Definitely get yourself on youtube. it’s kind a like blogging it takes a bit to get a following, but they will come.

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