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Boost.LinkA few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this site called StumbleUpon. What Amazed me the most was that you can use stumble upon to literally stumble across some cool sites. Because I’m an Online marketer who is always in search of how to get more subscribers in a more efficient way. This is a True fact, Stumble Upon doesn’t even show their sign-up form on their landing page. Instead, they show two big buttons: ‘Connect with Facebook’ & ‘Connect with Google’. Just like the Buttons Boost Uses!

I clicked on the facebook button and was blown away with the ease of them getting me on their email list. Only took me 2 clicks and less than 5 seconds. If there had been a signup form and no social sign-up options, I would have never got on their list because I hate filling out opt-in forms.

However, if I had to type in my name and email address. I would have just backed out. My attention span is horrible! What I immediately noticed is that they got my email address and sent me a welcome email right away which had my name on it.

Crazy Right!

They got all my info necessary to connect with me via email after just two clicks.

After that, I noticed a lot of websites were doing the same thing. They were adding social signup options to their signup forms, and never using the standard boring opt-in forms.

Here a few big-time sites that use this strategy, ForbesDropboxQuoraSpotify – just to name a few.

Well Here Is How Big Dogs Do it! provides an easier way for your audience to subscribe to your mailing list.

No more filling in forms, no more typos. It’s a win-win for you and your subscribers.

Easily build your custom audience

Attach FB pixel or tracking code to your shortened links.

It so easy to capture email addresses with this method. No form typing, no fake info.
Just 1 click!

Today, I want to Share Something Very Cool With You!

 Giving Boost A Test Run!!!

This is the creator of Boost Explaining the Features Of Boost.

And, How You Can Make Money Being an Affiliate of Boost!

1. I just bought BOOST and it allows me to capture email addresses from the social accounts of people who visit that URL.
Anyone who visits the URL just needs to click 1 button to give me their email addresses.
No opt-in form to fill out needed.

2. I Can either send traffic directly to that BOOST URL, or I can Use it with a landing page builder like Landing Page Monkey.

This is What’s inside of BOOST

  • The most efficient way I have ever seen to collect emails, names, social media profile URLs from your prospects social accounts – this is GREAT because it will help you build a targeted email list with without ever using a regular opt-in form.
  • Boost integrates with a lot email marketing platforms Like Aweber, Mail Chimp, GetResponse, Active Campaign, CRMs & Zapier – this is so important because you can automatically sync the emails collected to your email marketing provider and will Boost will put those collected email addresses into a list that you set up. Then your autoresponder will trigger to send them a welcome message immediately.
  • It also integrates with the most popular social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.

This is HUGE because you can select multiple social networks to shorten your link for. Furthermore, you can use the multiple social media platforms all at once to increase your subscribers with never using an old ugly opt form.

==> Click Here To Get BOOST

==> Click Here To Get Landing Page Monkey

==> Click Here to Get Adbuddy

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15 thoughts on “Boost, How to build an email list without opt in forms or landing pages

  1. This is really cool. I just went to their website to check it out as well. Great information in your article. Seems like a much better option than the opt-in forms and landing pages.
    I haven’t started an email campaign yet since I am so early on in the process with WA. I will plan on using this when I do.
    Thanks again.

    1. Curtis you won’t regret it if you do use it. I went from getting like 3 – 5 subscribers a day. To the last 24 hours using boost link, My opt ins to my list are at 47 so far today. I would say thats a good return. thanks for the comment.

  2. Sean –
    I just bookmarked your page! This is such a great resource! Thanks for sharing what you’ve stumbled upon 🙂 You are helping so many get ahead in this game! Big thanks!

  3. When my site has matured more and my traffic has increased, i will be thinking a bout the email lists and opt in pages. the ones that you mention are worth considering. but i am a naturally cautious person and check things out thoroughly before i join.

  4. This is awesome. I always wondered how to go about doing something like this.
    I have opted in a few myself and got emails with their promotions and whatever they decided to send.
    I particularly like the fact that you don’t have to fill out a form, because a lot of us don’t like having to include all of our personal info just to be able to opt in to something like this.
    Thanks so much for the helpful information, I will definitely be trying them out soon!!

  5. I did not know that I can collect the emails with just one click. It is quite interesting. I think I can increase my subscriber list quite fast with it. Let’s say that I collect 10 e-mails per month what would be the increase?

    1. If your increase would only be ten, that would mean your getting none now. You might want to took into email marketing so you can retarget those that visit your site. yes, this an interesting software, has been working like gang busters for me.

  6. I’ve always wanted to know how to build an email list without opt in forms or landing pages and thanks to your article I now have the knowledge to pursue it.

    Its amazing how easy we can sign up with everything now using our Facebook accounts or google accounts.

    thankyou for sharing this and I will certainly be checking it out!

  7. Sean, like you, I find it extremely boring to have to fill in forms, even if it meant only typing down my name and email address. You tell me Boost does not require visitors to your website to fill in any form? Of course I buy the concept, blindfolded! My concern, though, is of a data protection legal nature? Are we allowed starting sending emails to viewers who only visited our websites once? As a fellow blogger, your help and advice on this issue would be really appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    1. I by providing a message that they will be jimin your list and have them click I agree or cancel Is the optin. completely legal. Like I said all the big sites are doing it.

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