A Real Internet Marketing D-Bag!

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Today, I’m going to write about two of my biggest pet peeves.

That is Facebook and Youtube.! Well not, Facbook and Youtube directly.

What I can’t stand is all the idiots, who try to do affiliate marketing(You can visit my post on affiliate marketing to see the right way to do it.) without a website. Inside these social media platforms. You know the type, You’re scrolling in a Facebook Group wall or even your own wall. And you see that nasty affiliate link that was obviuosly cloaked with a link shortener.

Or your in youtube and scroll the comments of a video you just watched. And, BAM!

You see this, “Click Link To Earn Money Now ——->Then the D-bag’s link.

Facebook Marketing Gone Horribly Wrong

There is so much of this, that it’s just getting out of hand. I know Facebook and Youtube aren’t as bad as they use to be.

I remember the Hay Days of 2011-2014ish. Facebook groups was all the rave for promoting your offer. And, They were, I had 35% of my conversions coming from facebook groups back then.

But, I would try to engage people with my post, you know be social.

And There Were These, All Over The Internet. Fb Groups Auto Posters.

What is a Fb Groups auto poster? It’s an auto posting software for FB groups. Where you can upload a message and send it to Facebook groups you’re a member of, at predetermined send ratio. Meaning, That the poster would shoot your message out to one those fb groups at certain time intervals.

Now, I’m not saying I never tried it. And, I bought a quality piece of software from a guy named Sean Walters, back in the day. (Who still builds software for online marketing, today.) I would post in like 50-100 groups a day. But I would post my blog post of the day. Not just my affiliate link with the only message being,”CLICK NOW!!!”


Pisses Me OFF!!!Oh that kind of online marketing makes me wanna punch someone dead in the face. Sorry, I loose my cool a bit sometimes. Especially, when I get talking about these nitwits.

And, There Are Still Dummies Trying to do this kind of Internet Marketing. Just Plain Stupid!

These are the same people who complain on forums like Warrior Forum. That they just can’t make any money. Well Duh, Dummy. You will never make money just dropping affiliate links in social media.


Now, These jack-holes on Youtube are in a league of their own. They don’t care where they trample and drop there ugly links with crappy call to action words like, “Get Paid in Ten Minutes-Click Link.”

We have all seen them and, what do we all do? That’s right, we skip over them shaking our heads. Then mumbling to ourselves,”Damn Spammers.”

These type of so called Internet Marketers give the rest of us a bad name. While Good people (like Myself, Well, I Think I’am), who do internet marketing the ethical way. Get up everyday to get online and discuss a multitude of topics from sports, Playing video games, online marketing, the list just goes on.

If you are looking for info on any topic several people have written about it online.

Which is Great!

The internet has brought the world together as one community. Where we get to share with like minded people.

But there is still scum online.


The Real Internet Marketing D-Bag!

Ok, I am about to share with you a video of myself that I did back in Nov, 2014. WARNING!!! I get a little belligerent in this video. Now, I did bleep out 90% of the curse words.  But, This video gives a great example of what I mean. When I say,

The Real Internet Marketing D-Bag!


Now, I’m Not Going to leave you hanging with out offering you something Sweet! Because you read my entire Blog, I am going to give you a Gift!


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And, Two Free Websites!






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20 thoughts on “A Real Internet Marketing D-Bag!

  1. You know what is so funny? Last night I was looking into Affilorama, which is an affiliate marketing program, and they spent a descent amount of time in their intro training telling me about how I didn’t need a website to make money online and I could just “carefully” add affiliate links to my conversations online.

    Here’s what is so great about what you’re bringing up. All of these ridiculous things just show us how to manage our business and websites better. It’s amazing how fast I can click out of a website and videos like what you mentioned here.

  2. I know its getting out of hand. FB marketing and D Bags dropping unwanted comments in good forums.

    Great post Sean. I’m glad you’re bringing awareness about some f these goons.

    1. Thanks, I just can’t this type of marketing. thanks for commenting. I hope to bring more fun and informative post to our community.

  3. Totally agree with you. It’s about time somebody to point this out.
    There is a big difference between posting your link and bothering people online.I suffered from this too.
    Do I even need to say how right you are about doing affiliate marketing without website?
    The people, who still believe that’s possible, must be living in a different century.
    Great article. Keep them coming!

  4. Hi Sean. This was so interesting to read. There are so many scammers out there and it was refreshing to read these comments about Facebook and Twitter etc. I would hate to think that I am bothering people on line. Best wishes, Jill

    1. I think most people online just try to sell and add no value to their post in social media. If they would just start in engaging through blogs and video. Then I might be interested in their offer. But, These lazy marketers will be a thorn in our side forever. thank you for the comment

  5. Great post!
    I see these types of links all the time and I think ‘Is it for real?’. I mean people think they can make money just by dropping links all over social media without introducing themselves or a topic?

    However, people are so desperate these days – from those dropping the links and those trying to make a quick buck.
    I bet you some of those links get a few clicks!

    Whether the clickers make the amount of money that those link droppers claim they can make is another thing.

    Do you think this will get any better or will the real affiliate marketers be at constant war with those link droppers?


    1. Oh it will always be the same. The big guys, You know Google, Facebook, etc… They change their algorithm to combat but the flock stupid always find away. No, Those types of marketers will always be here.

  6. It sucks! When people post these things on Facebook or Youtube they take away from the work that real marketers are putting into their website. It makes it harder for us to have people take our work seriously.

    1. Yep, I will be dragging these lazy marketers through the mud at every corner. I will lift every stone to expose these turds. thanks for the comment

  7. Wonderful post Sean, about time someone stood up to these scammers and exposed them , like you’ve done. Good job. All the best


  8. Ahh yes, the ugly affiliate links! There’s just too many of them! Seriously, I would never consider doing affiliate marketing without a website, because it’s just not worth the time… Even if you do manage to make sales by dropping your links everywhere, you’d have to work hard to that and risk losing all your work since you can get banned from facebook or ghosted on youtube.

    1. Absolutely, you will get more traction by branding one’s self, Than spamming links all over social media. Thanks for the comment

  9. Wow this is really good. I remember probably being one of those people a while back just to get followers and likes. I think its great that you mention to engage in the society rather than just belong to something for marketing, people see straight through it.

    1. Thank you, yeah there is a lot of people who start that way because they don’t any better. We all have tried different things to make money online. but there is only one true way, Brand yourself, Give value to your followers, provide great content, and be relevant.

  10. Sadly these comments will always be around as long as the internet is still around. It is really sad to see how these comments get submitted and they think people will click on them. I do not know which is more sad, them posting the links or the people that actually click on the links. Thanks for sharing man, you brought light to a very real and annoying problem.

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