3 Good Work From Home Ideas

First, Let Me say Hi, HI! My name is Sean

4 Good Work From Home Ideas


Like I said, My name is Sean, and I’m going to share with you some pretty cool work from home ideas. There are endless Ideas out there to work from homes. I mean endless, from drop ship, to stuffing envelopes, to selling stuff on eBay, the list goes on . But, what I’m going to share with are what I find to be the most fun and interesting ways; and if done right some of the most profitable ways to make money from home. All while your chilling in slippers and house robe.

Good Work From Home Ideas

Life Ain’t Easy Sunshine

Now nothing in life is easy, So if your here to find an easy way to make money online, SORRY! That just does not exist. It’s a horrible myth that some self proclaimed guru started back in the late 90’s, that you could easily make money online. That is a bunch of horse manure. It takes work, dedication and patience. One thing is true about anything your trying to do online to be successful. You must build up a large following. It doesn’t have to be millions, but a few hundred is good place to start. The only way, absolutely only way to get a big following on the internet, is content. Everyday putting out good original content. At first it will be one, two people a week. Then by the sixth month of putting out good content everyday. I guarantee 1000 + followers.

What Is Content?

Quality content can be anything from a having a channel on youtube doing videos, writing ebooks, writing on your blog. Heck, writing on your blog and video on youtube. Then sharing the content you made on several socia media platforms.

Content is not hard to come up with, I promise. I will show you several examples of how regular people. Just like you and I, are making tons of money by doing just that, putting out quality content on a regular basis.


Youtube Channel

Ok, so it makes sense that I start with Youtube. I mean why not? Who doesn’t want to be a famous Youtuber? My 12 year son is infatuated with youtube and he is fan of so many Youtuber’s. He wants me to help with a channel where he films himself playing video games like PewdiePie. Yes, That’s right my son’s hero is Pewdie Pie from youtube.

For those of you that never heard of PewdiePie, he made about $14 million last year directly from his youtube channel.

Here is a PewdiePie Video

I know just plain silly! Like I said My kid loves it. His approach is working. He puts out content that is interesting.  And, one-thing is for sure he fas the followers.

Just look at these numbers.

Ways to make money online


Look at those numbers! He has the highest subscriber list on youtube. And, 5.5 million views since October is just staggering. The reason he gets these numbers is because he has been on youtube since 2010 putting out original interesting content(there’s that word again). By 2013, Pewdiepie became the Youtuber with the most subscribers, and to this day holds that honor.

Ok, that is only one example.

Here is a normal dude that is in the make money online niche. His name is Tanner J Fox. He Has a youtube Channel with 98,156 followers

Work From Home Ideas


Tanner has been on youtube since, 2009. Which means he has been persistent and patient. Tanner works hard everyday to put out original content for his subscribers.

Here is Tanner J Fox

This Video has received 36,088 views

So, you can be a normal person with a no productions frills video and it still works. It’s just got to be constant quality content. Just like my man, Tanner J Fox Does.

Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

Now this is going to require a bit of grit. But, you don’t have to be a writing expert to get started on amazon to publish your book. The process is quite simple, actually. Just write about something your passionate about. I mean it could be anything. You can do how to books, short novellas in your favorite genre. You’re not limited to what you can write about. Your only limitations might be your fear to write. Listen, this is one of those things you try, if your interested. This is not away to make money online if thats all your after. You need to be passionate about whatever it is you write about.

One of the authors on Amazon that has had success exclusively publishing on amazon is Adam Croft. He writes mystery novels then through Amazon self-publishing releases his work to the masses. He started in 2011, publishing several books, he made $1.4 million in 2016.


So don’t Be Scared! Give writing ebooks and self publish on Amazon Try.

This is Adam Croft


Start a Blog

This is my Forte, I love to blog about all kinds of things. Those things we call niches. The trick to being successful with blogging is picking a small profitable niche and blogging about it, every single day. I think blogging is the easiest way to get started online. Then of course to get really serious you could integrate your youtube videos of yourself in your blog. To learn more about how to make good money from home with blogging for beginners Click HERE to continue on………..


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